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Cowboys free agency boring, rumors the spice of life

It’s the silly season, without much of the silly for Dallas Cowboys fans. After getting our own house in order with free agents, and adding a little extra by bringing in Zach Thomas, things are calm. Todd Archer reasons that’s a good thing. Mickey Spags has similar sentiments and says Dallas really did have a free agency period; it was just with our own free agents. And about all those rumors, Mickey says this:

And all the mash potatoes seasoned with rumors, irresponsible blogs and speculation, didn't stick, hardly a one of them, all simply sliding off the wall.

Irresponsible blogs? I’m outraged! I simply can’t believe that Mickey would talk that way. How could he say that about Albert Breer and Tim MacMahon? Taking shots at his own sportswriter brethren. I have to come to the defense of the The Breeman and Mac... I have to say...wait a minute, what’s that you say? He wasn't talking about them? Maybe it was this blog Mickey had in mind? Noooo, it can’t be true. After all the praise I’ve heaped on his many novels written through the years? After I defended him from charges of being a homer extraordinaire? I’m hurt.

Excuse me, I have to go cry myself to sleep, and then wake up later to tell you all about the mega-trade that I recently learned would happen. The Cowboys will be sending Bobby Carpenter, Zach Thomas’ old jock strap and a copy of Emmitt Smith’s latest book "English as a Second Language: What Any Sports Broadcaster Should Know" to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for the #1 pick in the draft, all the old playbooks that Tony Sparano stole on his way out (plus the office supplies) and a copy of  Bill Parcells’ latest book, "I’m the Tuna and You’re Not: Dallas Can Have My Tiny Linebacker Cast-Offs." This one is no rumor, it’s a fact!

How about some mock drafts for your Friday afternoon.

This one via Fox Sports by

22. Dolphins(from Cowboys via Browns) Brian Brohm QB 6-3 230 Louisville Senior ****PROJECTED TRADE WITH DALLAS****
In a move reminiscent of what the Cleveland Browns did last year to get Brady Quinn, the Miami Dolphins target Brian Brohm and sneak back into the first round to draft him. Bill Parcells uses his ties with the Cowboys and trades his second- and third-round picks (33rd and 65th overall) to move up and steal Brohm as his future signal caller.
Previous mock draft selection: Limas Sweed

28. Cowboys Jamaal Charles RB 5-11 200 Texas Junior The Cowboys will look to add a weapon on offense with this pick after trading away their first pick to Miami. There are two promising RBs and WRs on the board, and Dallas will decide which one fits best. In a surprise move, the Cowboys pass up Felix Jones for Jamaal Charles.
Previous mock draft selection: Felix Jones

Interesting. Here’s a scouting report on Jamaal Charles from KFFL.

Here’s one from Vic Carucci.

22. Dallas Cowboys (From Cleveland)
Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
McKelvin's combination of size and skill allows the Cowboys to sufficiently address a pressing need.

28. Dallas Cowboys
Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas
Jones might not be the Arkansas running back the Cowboys hoped to get, but trading up to land McFadden is too costly, both in terms of draft picks and guaranteed dollars for the more prominent Razorback. The Cowboys won't be disappointed with the other one, though. He should make an immediate impact as a runner and pass-catcher.

Want to read more about Pacman's desire to make it rain in Dallas? Go here.

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