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Pacman fever

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You know that the Dallas Cowboys can’t stay quiet during an offseason. Even when we are doing next to nothing, we’re still making news. Last evening Clarence E Hill, Jr. dropped the bomb that the Cowboys were discussing the possibility of how Pacman Jones would fit in Dallas. That woke up some Cowboys fans along with the rest of the media. Stories are circulating all over about the Cowboys rumored interest in Jones coupled with Jones’ recent statement – again – that he wants to play in Dallas. One of the best articles is from The Tennessean which tells of the Titans recent efforts to move Pacman and the teams that are supposedly interested.

The Titans in recent weeks have talked to a number of teams about Jones, and so far the Cowboys have shown the most interest, sources familiar with the situation said. The Miami Dolphins and a few others also appear interested.

Detroit, Oakland, Kansas City, Houston, New Orleans and New England are among those to have expressed at least some level of interest.

At this point, however, the teams are reluctant to make a trade because of the uncertainty that surrounds Jones' future in the NFL. Agreeing on compensation is another hurdle. Teams don't appear willing to give a high draft pick for Jones, and the Titans are inclined to wait to see whether they can get a draft pick that meets their satisfaction.

Also mentioned in the article is that Goodell isn’t expected to discuss reinstatement with Pacman’s people until July. But his agent is pressing for a meeting in April before the draft in hopes of getting something done so that teams can make a move on Jones around the draft. If I were the Titans I would be pressing that timeframe too, they would want to get a draft pick in a trade to use this year as opposed to next. Pacman was drafted one spot ahead of Troy Williamson in the first round of the 2005 draft and he was recently dealt for a sixth-round pick. Of course, he was a bust whereas Pacman was a playmaker. But given his off the field issues and the ever-present threat of another suspension for the slightest infraction, teams will argue against a high-round draft pick. Then again, they may just wait for the Titans to cut Pacman whenever he is reinstated, but if you really want the guy that’s a risky strategy, too. Then there are the contract issues that would no doubt have to be re-negotiated before any team takes him on.

By the way, I’m not sure all those teams are interested in Pacman that are listed in the article. That’s more than likely propaganda in order to stir up more intense interest. But we do know one thing; the Cowboys are at least discussing it.

For the most part, I continue to think that the Cowboys can’t get caught up in this mess. Mainly because if you bring him in and start depending on him as one of your main corners and as the punt returner, and then he gets suspended in the middle of the season, you’re in trouble. And believe me, the bar is set very low in terms of him getting suspended again. Jaywalking might be enough of an offense to get it done. So every day, every hour, the Cowboys will be on pins and needles waiting for the inevitable infraction that would send Jones out of the league once again.

But there is that little part of me that says we could reform him, we’ve done it before. If we had Pacman, then we eliminate our desperate need for another corner and our need for a dynamic punt returner. Ahh, temptation; it’s never far away in the world of professional sports. And when Jerry Jones is your owner, temptation is not always avoided, sometimes it’s embraced. I guess we’ll have to keep our eyes and ears open on this one because it’s not likely to be settled anytime soon. Next step is to see if Pacman’s agent gets a meeting with Goodell before the draft.

Our own Tuna Helper covered Julius Jones’ departure to Seattle here. But if you want to read more, Mickey Spags has an article here, the DMN covers it here, and the Star-T has one, here.

For my own brief thoughts, I knew I would always be sad to see him go. Not so much because I’ll miss his production which was definitely on the downturn recently, but because at one time, like a lot of you, I thought he was going to be the next great Cowboys running back. It just didn’t turn out that way and MB3 has definitely surpassed him. Good luck JJ, just not against us.

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