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Keith Davis still looking for a team plus other random Cowboys articles

The Human Bullet Magnet is searching for a new team.

Cowboys free agent safety Keith Davis is talking with multiple teams right now looking for what could be a new home. The special teams captain from Italy, Texas does not have any visits set up but hopes to have some real soon. Davis would like more playing time in the secondary and a couple of possible destinations could be New Orleans or Miami.

Got a cool couple of million lying around? If so, you can buy Drew Bledsoe’s house in Dallas.

Bledsoe, 36, who led the New England Patriots to the 1997 Super Bowl, and his wife, Maura, are asking $2 million for their 5,500-square-foot house, bought new for $1.7 million in 2005. On a third of an acre, it has a guesthouse. The four-time Pro Bowler retired last year from the Dallas Cowboys after losing his starting position to Tony Romo. He now lives in Bend, Ore.

The speculation is that Julius Jones signing in Seattle might spell the end for Shaun Alexander.

Jones, who is expected to sign a 4-year deal worth nearly $12 million, may be a sign that the Seahawks are going in a different direction. Since earning the 2005 MVP award, Alexander, 30, has been injured and largely ineffective.

Jones, 27 in August, is just two years' removed from the only 1,000-yard season of his career. He was made expendable by the Cowboys with the emergence last season of Pro Bowler Marion Barber, and ran for just 588 yards and two touchdowns, the lowest numbers of his career. talks about the defensive line. I’d still like to see Jay Ratliff starting at defensive end in place of Marcus Spears. Yes, Spears does a good job of planting his big butt on the line against the run, but he rarely actually makes the tackle. I expect a little more from our defensive ends and I have no doubt that Ratliff could provide that. But with the Jason Ferguson trade, the Cowboys are short-handed at NT, with only Tank Johnson available besides Ratliff. Now, if the Cowboys pick up a NT in one of the later rounds of the draft, that would give them the flexibility to move Ratliff. I think I’m just holding out hope that is not grounded in reality that it will happen, but you never know.

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