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Jerry Jones discusses the Dallas Cowboys interest level in NFL bad boys

Jerry Jones talks about the Dallas Cowboys plans (or non-plans) for two of the NFL’s bad boys. Pacman Jones is one guy who we’ve talked about a lot but Jerry had a little more to say today.

...Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said decisions made in the upcoming draft will not be influenced by the suspended cornerback's availability, one way or another.

In fact, when Jones was asked if a trade was imminent, he said, "I think the longer it goes, the less likely it will happen."


And when asked if he was confident the trade would eventually get done, Jones said, "I don't know . . . I don't know. I really don't have a feel for it right now."

Good job, Jerry. Way to put the ball back in the Titan’s court by sticking with the offer of a low round pick. Glad to see we’re not negotiating with ourselves on this one, at least not yet. Jerry may get spooked later but holding firm is the right move. Jerry also said that the trade for Pacman would not require that the commissioner had already ruled him eligible.

Moving on to that other bad boy, Chris Henry, Jerry had this to say.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday that acquiring recently released Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry, who was a college teammate of Pacman Jones at West Virginia, is "unlikely."

Unlikely? That’s not a firm no. One is enough Jerry, you don’t have to corner the market in one offseason of players voted most likely to get suspended by Roger Goodell.

But Chris Henry is going to try and get Dallas interested by using the Pacman Method.

[Henry] has contacted former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin about potentially appearing on his radio show on ESPN 103.3 FM.

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