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Cowboy Draft roundup: prospects, sketchy characters and prior picks

The ‘Boys have two more wide receivers coming to the Ponderosa (Valley Ranch): University of Kentucky’s Keenan Burton and UT's own Limas Sweed.

The book on Burton is that he’s a hardworker and a leader but he drops more balls than he should. Some say he’s fast enough while others are unsure. He ran a 4.49 in the 40 at the combine.  You judge for yourself. Here’s a list of his accomplishments. The book on Sweed is he’s a playmaker with a strong vertical but he’s had injury problems and needs work on his route running.


In other draft news, the sounds you hear coming from Norman are not screams from the mortgage crisis but the lack of speed crisis. OU’s Malcolm Kelly didn’t do so hot in the 40. He ran a 4.75 at Oklahoma's University Pro Day. Yikes.

DMN Blog’s Albert Breer makes a good point about Anquan Boldin, who ran similar times and then preceeded to run through, past and around NFL DBs. But the carnage could be significant for Kelly who probably just passed up first round money.

Maybe we get him in the second round and he comes into the league with a chip on his shoulder and a desire to prove something.

Hmmm. I like that.

Hat tip to BudLight for his dairy on the subject here.


With all the talk about Chris Henry and Pacman Jones, the San Diego Union Tribune has an article about some draft picks with prior legal history and I ain’t talking about interning at the local law firm. I had no idea Colt Brennan was arrested for felony burglary and trespassing charges and misdemeanor sexual assault and indecent exposure charges. Wow. When Skip Brainless was touting him for the Heisman somehow he forgot to mention that.

There there’s Louis Irizarry, a tight end from Youngstown State.

TE Louis Irizarry, Youngstown State – While attending Ohio State, he was arrested in October 2003 and convicted on assault, negligent assault and disorderly conduct charges after engaging in a fight with two male students and pushing his girlfriend. He spent three days in jail. In May 2004, he was arrested again and this time was charged with felony robbery in the second degree after he and a teammate assaulted a student and stole his wallet. He was sentenced to three years in jail, but he served only six months.

Good thing we got Witten. Next!


ESPN’s Mike Sando takes a look at the 1998 Draft and analyzes the ripple effect the Manning-Leaf decision had on scores of other teams. Manning? Darn near his whole family has rings and he's got more commercials than Lebron and Jordan combined. Leaf? Uh, not so much. But every now and then they show clips of his breakdown in the locker room. That's always good for a laugh.

Good Lord I can’t believe he actually played for us.

At the bottom of the article there’s a roundup of first-round draft picks and Greg Ellis pops up.

Solid starter coming off 12½ sack season, Pro Bowl appearance.

That pick just keeps looking better all the time. I still say we should’ve drafted Randy Moss. But Greg is like fine wine and Otis Redding songs. He just gets better with age.

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