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Talkin' wide receivers

I have to agree with this Todd Archer article about drafting a WR. I know all the arguments as to why we need to get serious about getting a WR, and they’re valid. But the only way I see solving that problem, at least solving it this year given this draft class, is to trade for a vet. The WR class is less than stellar this year, and all the top guys have questions about their game. Malcolm Kelly has injury concerns along with a bad Pro Day, DeSean Jackson is tiny, Devin Thomas has exactly one year of quality play at the top-level and Limas Sweed has the wrist injury plus some other questions. Sure, anyone of these guys could prove to be the guy, but none stand out as a "must-have in the first round" kind of guy, at least for me. I’d rather wait to draft a WR later and go to the strong field of RB’s and CB’s in the first round, or even better, trade for one of the rumored vets who might be moved.

Archer sums up in this paragraph the reason why I don’t think it’s necessary to reach for a WR in the first round this year.

Without {Terry} Glenn – forget the last game – last season, Tony Romo had the best statistical season ever for a Cowboys quarterback. He has a top-five receiver in Owens. He has a top-three tight end in Jason Witten. He has a solid player in Crayton, if people can forget his ill-timed drop in the postseason. And if Glenn can come back close to form, then Romo has a reliable target.

While a lot of people are down on Crayton, I’m not tossing him overboard for one horrid playoff performance. If we return the same set of WR’s again this year, we’ll be just fine. And don’t forget about the possibility of Isaiah Stanback contributing.

Nick Eatman has more on the WR draft class of 2008.

Yesterday was Pacman’s one-year anniversary. Congrats Pac!

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