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Aqib Talib doesn't attend Dallas Day; Friday afternoon mock drafting

The DMN blog reports this about Dallas Day, when all the local kids can workout for the Cowboys. That was happening today.

The highest profile prospect slated to be here -- Kansas CB Aqib Talib -- couldn't make it because of a scheduling conflict. He's going through a tour of visits right now, with the draft two weeks away, and he and the Cowboys couldn't make it work today.

Hmm...recent revelations of bad show at Dallas Day...I’m just saying.

Meanwhile, it’s mock draft Friday. And away we go:

Rick Gosselin. Goose has a rep of being very good at this. His draft board is definitely different from most others I’ve seen, he has some surprise picks, including our #28.

22. Dallas Felix Jones RB Arkansas      Comment: A speed complement to Marion Barber

28. Dallas James Hardy WR Indiana      Comment: More TDs in fewer games in 2007 than Terrell Owens

Chris Steuber over at FOX Sports.

22. Cowboys(from Browns) Mike Jenkins CB 5-11 200 South Florida Senior The Cowboys lost two cornerbacks in free agency, Jacques Reeves and Nathan Jones, so adding depth in the secondary is a must. South Florida's Mike Jenkins provides Dallas with a quality cover corner that they can build their secondary around.
Previous mock draft selection: Same

28. Cowboys Felix Jones RB 5-10 207 Arkansas Junior The Cowboys addressed their need for depth in the secondary with their first pick, and will look to add a young playmaker on offense with this selection. Dallas has a need for another running back to pair with Marion Barber and a wide receiver to add along side of Terrell Owens. With the top receivers off the board, Dallas selects Arkansas' Felix Jones.

Football Outsiders.

1-22-22 Dallas Cowboys from Cleveland Browns — Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State
With a roster stocked with quality players at nearly every position, Dallas can let the draft come to them. San Diego was in much the same position two years ago when they took a flier on Antonio Cromartie and that pick paid off in spades, as Cromartie is the most dominant young corner in the league. Rodgers-Cromartie doesn’t have the Florida State pedigree, but he has the same combination of size, speed and athleticism. He was a man among boys at the Senior Bowl, and he followed that up with a stellar combine that cemented him as a first-round prospect and arguably the best cornerback in the draft. Rodgers-Cromartie won’t be ready to start right away, but with Terrence Newman and Anthony Henry on board, the Cowboys don’t need him to. This is a bit of a boom-or-bust pick, but it’s one Dallas can afford to make with another first rounder in their pocket.

1-28-28 Dallas Cowboys — Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State
While Terrell Owens is still performing at a high level, he’s no spring chicken anymore, and Dallas would do well by adding a potential No. 1 receiver to groom behind him. Thomas, at 6-2 and 225, compares favorably to Dwayne Bowe, who went right around this spot last year and turned in the top performance of any a rookie receiver. The risk is that Thomas only played one season of Division I-A ball and that he is an unpolished route runner, but he displayed terrific hands at Michigan State, as well as a rare ability to pick up yardage after the catch. Thomas is also an excellent return man, and he’ll immediately upgrade Dallas’ special teams. DeSean Jackson was also a consideration in this spot, but ultimately size won out.
– Sean McCormick.h(f/CLE)

Wow, DRC falling to #22, all good if it’s true.

Scott Wright, NFL Draft Countdown.

AQIB TALIB CB | Kansas | Scouting Report  After losing nickel back Jacques Reeves, who actually started 13 games for them last year, as a free agent the Cowboys already precarious depth situation has now reached critical levels. At the very least Dallas needs a youngster who can come in and play big minutes as a reserve right away before eventually supplanting Anthony Henry as a starter. Aqib Talib could fall a bit now that reports about his three failed drug tests have surfaced but Jerry Jones has shown time and time again that he is not afraid to take a chance on guys with character issues and Talib has the ability to be an impact playmaker in the secondary. If their long-rumored trade for Pacman Jones is finally completed the Cowboys would likely turn their attention to either Felix Jones or a wide receiver here but for the time being cornerback is without question their most critical need and Talib is the last of the consensus first round cover guys so that is the direction Dallas goes.

FELIX JONES RB | Arkansas | Scouting Report  With two first round picks the Cowboys could feel like they are playing with house money to a degree and while everyone assumes that Arkansas alumnus Jerry Jones wants Darren McFadden he might have to settle for another Hog running back. Julius Jones signed with the Seahawks as a unrestricted free agent and Felix Jones would be a perfect replacement, providing some lightning to Marion Barber's thunder. Felix was also an All-American kick returner in college so that would be an added bonus. Depending on what they do with their first pick both wide receiver (DeSean Jackson) or defensive back could be possibilities here as well and don't rule out them trading this pick for a future #1 either. Ultimately I have a hard time believing Dallas would pass on Felix Jones twice so regardless of whether it's at #22 or #28 I expect him to be a Cowboy on April 26.

Aqib Talib is also on a lot of other mock drafts that I saw for the Cowboys.

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