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I read this earlier today and got depressed.

The Dallas Cowboys are in serious discussions with AT&T Corp. to name their new $1 billion stadium AT&T Field, according to a document obtained by the Star-Telegram.

AT&T Field? I knew something like this was coming but that doesn’t soften the blow. Ugh. But I get it, this is an easy source of revenue and one Jerry can put back in the team. But still, can't we name the street outside Tom Landry Parkway or something?

According to the document, the Cowboys will use "reasonable efforts" to have a street near the stadium named AT&T Parkway.

Guess not.

Pac’s agent makes his case again.

"The risk is minimal because he knows this is his last shot," Arora said, according to the Star-Telegram. "You have a motivated player, and a team paying rock-bottom prices. Whether [the Titans get] a fourth or a fifth-round pick, what's the difference? So the risk factor, to me, is negligible."

Risk factor. That seems to be the most commonly used phrased around Pacman, except you have the right to remain silent. I kid!

Here’s some stuff on NFL hopeful and little brother to MB3, safety Dominique Barber.

The ex-Gophers strong safety has been training in Florida with a handful of NFL veterans, including his older brother Marion III, to get ready for his pro career. He has signed on with superagent Drew Rosenhaus, but he expects to be taken between the fourth and sixth rounds on the non-glamorous second day of the draft.

That's because, of course, he ran a 4.7-second 40-yard dash at the combine. Never mind that he produced a 4.58, a time number much more attractive for his position, at the on-campus workout Minnesota held for interested teams earlier this year.

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