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Mike Jenkins at the top of Dallas Cowboys CB board?

This morning I was reading through a Clarence E. Hill, Jr. article which was standard fare about the upcoming draft and some of our recent drafts.

You know the drill, with Hill saying:

Parcells and Ireland draft hits and misses...blah, blah...some Pro-Bowlers, some bombs, yada,’s the good, here’s the bad...lather, rinse, repeat...the Boys need a CB and RB and maybe a WR...blah, blah...want a vet WR...look for a CB or on and so on...yada, yada... Mike Jenkins from South Florida is the top cornerback on their draft board, so look for them to take him if he is available...blah, blah....the 2007 draft picks...

STOP! Whoa, rewind a second.

Mike Jenkins from South Florida is the top cornerback on their draft board, so look for them to take him if he is available.

What the...? You can’t just drop that kind of information into the middle of a humdrum article and not give any context or explanation. Really, Jenkins is the top CB on the Cowboys board? That’s news. Most scouts and so-called experts have DRC and McLovin as the top two CB’s. We even saw the snapshot of the Cowboys whiteboard – whatever that list represented – that had DRC and McLovin at the top. The conventional wisdom is those two are going off the board first. So would the Cowboys actually pass on one of those two if they dropped to the Cowboys at #22 along with Jenkins? Would they take Jenkins over DRC or McLovin?

Come on Clarence, you got to give us a little more 411. Do you know the rest of their CB board, the rest of their board period? Why did you choose to drop just this one fact on us? Is this Jenkins tidbit sourced back to a reliable Cowboy insider? Inquiring minds want to know.

For the running backs, Hill gives us more conventional fare.

If the Cowboys take a running back in the first round, the most likely targets are Illinois' Rashard Mendenhall, Arkansas' Felix Jones and Oregon's Jonathan Stewart.

It’s nice to see that Jerry Jones is a good tipper. Jerry and Wade were spotted at the horse races in Arkansas recently.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and his head coach, Wade Phillips, and his wife shared one table, where they sipped white wine and Diet Cokes.

Jones made a last-minute bet early in the afternoon, won, then tipped the majority of his winnings to a waiter.

I guess you can tip the majority of your winnings if you’re Jerry Jones. It doesn’t hurt that AT&T just might be dropping some spare change in your pocket.

Speaking of AT&T, the name AT&T Field is going to be a tough sell to the fan base. I think we’re going to need a catchy nickname for that new behemoth once we get a take on its personality as a stadium.

Pro Football Weekly mock draft.

22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland) — RB Felix Jones, Arkansas*
Jerry Jones’ mission is to support the growth of his quarterback, and Felix Jones should definitely take some pressure off Romo. Despite not having been featured as a pass catcher, Jones catches the ball very well.

28. Dallas Cowboys — CB Aqib Talib, Kansas*
Jerry Jones has shown he is willing to give second and third chances to troubled players, and Talib’s size, swagger and athletic ability will be attractive to the owner, as could his ability to dabble on offense.

There’s that combination again. Felix and Aqib. I wonder if the character concerns are dropping Talib on some mock drafts and the Cowboys are the soft-landing. Before, I saw him going to other teams most of the time in the teens. But now, I see him falling to us on more and more mocks.

But the question is would we take him over Mike Jenkins? Clarence E. Hill – what say you? Is Talib still on the Cowboys board? Inquiring minds want to know!

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