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Schefter: Pacman deal back on, Cowboys and Titans talking

Adam Schefter is reporting on the Pacman trade heating up – again – and that it could be completed by next week. Usually, I trust Schefter, he is almost always on the money with his reports. But in the Pacman Saga, he said once or twice that a Pacman trade is imminent...and it wasn’t. Here’s his latest:

The Cowboys and Titans spent Saturday going back and forth on proposals, getting considerably closer to a trade that would send talented, but troubled, cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones to Dallas.

One person familiar with the talks said they were nearing a deal, but it was not done yet. However, it now sounds as if it could be done this week, well before the April 26-27 draft.

Schefter adds this at the end.

Should the trade become official, it would not change Dallas' draft strategy in any way. The Cowboys would proceed as if they did not have Jones, as if they still had a need at cornerback, knowing they could not count on Jones to be reinstated.

I don’t know if I’m buying this in total. I think the Cowboys will be able to wait to draft a CB who maybe represents great value in the 2nd or 3rd round if they have Pacman. The Cowboys are trading for Pacman with the anticipation that he will be reinstated by training camp. Of course they think he’ll be playing this year if they trade for him. They do need to protect themselves in case something goes wrong so they’ll pick up a CB or two in the draft, but they won’t be as pressured to do it in the first round like they would with no Pacman.

Hat tip to BTB-regular thebigham for the link in the comments.

Also, good comment from BTB-regular Baked Potato Soup on the article. It was something I was going to write, but he beat me to the punch in the comments.

I didn't know that we were asking them to offer a conditional pick if he got in trouble again.  I can see why they would balk at that, since the reason they want to get rid of him is to not worry about what he's up to anymore.  Or maybe that was Jerry's ace in the hole, have a condition that he knows is unreasonable, then as a good will gesture, he can remove that and get the deal he wanted all along - Pacman for a sixth.  I love that the Cowboys called their bluff, and now hopefully won't give in.

Update [2008-4-13 15:31:4 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: A Nashville paper has more on the story with a quote from a Pacman attorney that confirms new dialogue has been going on.

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