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Pacman Jones trade nearing completion?; Stephen Jones talks about the draft

It's no secret that the upcoming draft is an important one for the Cowboys. Well, every one is important but you get the feeling that there is some extra pressure on Jerry and Co. to get this one right. The Cowboys are in a prime position to do some really great things this year with two first round picks and a loaded roster. Today Stephen Jones shared his thoughts on the Cowboys' approach heading into the rapidly approaching draft.

The main topic of conversation, once again, was Pacman Jones. is reporting that the trade for Pacman Jones is nearing completion, according to the always infamous "sources". Now, they also made pretty much the same report a few weeks ago and it turned out to not be true so take this for what it's worth. The report has Dallas trading a 3rd round pick to Tennessee for Pacman along with a conditional 5th rounder.

I'm not going to hold my breath on this one and will play it as pure speculation until I see something substantial and corroborated.

Today during his conversation with the press, Stephen Jones made no hints that a deal was imminent. He mainly talked about how the Cowboys would not let Pacman's status affect their draft strategy.

"We still have to do what we're going to do, in terms of assuming he's not going to be here," the Cowboys exec said. "He's not here anyway right now, so that's how we're preparing."

This is the perfect answer. Even if Dallas does negotiate a trade for Pacman the team has to go forward as it has planned all along. Stephen Jones also hinted that the trade is not a sure thing just yet.

"The biggest thing for us, at the end of the day, is whether Tennessee wants to trade him or not.

"It's a risk-reward type of situation. We'll just have to see how things turn out. We've showed some interest in him, but until something actually happens, we'll just have to have wait and see."

Once the obligatory Pacman business was over with, Jones had some pretty interesting things to say. He talked about how exciting this time of year is for him and the Cowboys and how championship teams are built through smart decisions in April.

"Absolutely," Jones said. "That's how you like to improve your football team, through the draft. In the long haul, it pays dividends, to have the chance to get two really good players in the first round. And obviously, we could have some great picks in the second and third and fourth rounds.

"We've got to make them work. That's how you build these teams - through the draft. You look at our team, and why we're strong, it's because of the draft."

Stephen Jones also reiterated what Jerry has been saying for over a month now: that one of the Cowboys main priorities is adding another big-time receiver to line up opposite T.O. The Cowboys will have plenty of options with their two picks but of course he wasn't able to let on about who the Cowboys have their eyes on.

Lastly, Jones spoke about how this draft for the Cowboys is a bit more about preparing for the near future (Super Bowl 43!), but the Cowboys have to be careful about drafting specifically for need.

"The thing I'm excited about with this draft is we don't necessarily have to pick for need. We can really sit there, and with the best player on the board there, if someone falls, if he's an offensive lineman, we can take him.

"And who knows? He could start immediately as an offensive lineman. If a guy's a great linebacker, if a guy's a great safety, we can take him. We've got to look at everything, and if a guy falls and it's a great value to take him, we got to be prepared to do that. That's what excites me."

The absolute worst thing the Cowboys can do this year is make a mistake and reach for somebody out of a perceived "need". If what the Cowboys don't want isn't there trade down or pick best player available, within reason.


Rick Gosselin continues his draft coverage and talks about how ex-NFL coaches improve the play of college players.


Last week Grizz went off on a little tangent over an ESPN article that called Terrell Owens "overrated". Well, ESPN posted a counter-point response to the Sal Paolantonio article and various "experts" argue the case for T.O. It covers how Owens' antics might have hampered his public image (gee, ya think?) and even goes so far to say that he is a greater receiver than Randy Moss. I can agree with that. But what is most interesting is when they discuss whether Super Bowl wins has an affect on a receiver getting into the Hall of Fame.

No. Winning isn't everything for wide receivers. There are plenty of Hall of Famers -- including receivers Steve Largent, Charlie Joiner and James Lofton -- whose legacies were not affected by their failure to win a Super Bowl.

Statements like these make me shake my head and wonder why in the blue blazes is Bob Hayes not in the HOF?


Ex-Cowboys Herschel Walker will be on Nightline tonight on ABC discussing his battle with multiple personality disorder.

Hat tip to the DMN blog for the link.

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