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Crazy Cowboy receivers and other roundup tidbits

MSNBC decided to be cute and name the ten craziest wide receivers ever. These type of stories, in my opinion, aren’t meant to be definitive or even informative. Their purpose is to stimulate responses and bring traffic to the site or more readers to the newspaper. I have no problem with any of this.

My problem is that there are four Cowboys on the list. That’s almost half. I knew T.O. and Irvin would make the list. But Terry Glenn and Keyshawn too? We’re the only team with nutty wide receivers?

So I thought I’d help and add some players MSNBC left out. I thought they needed to be reminded that there are other certifiable receivers out there.

Randy Moss, Patriots: Where to start? Bumping the traffic control officer with his car. Mooning the Green Bay Packer fans during a playoff game. Leaving the field during a game. Squirting an official with a bottle of water. He's got to be at the TOP of the list.

Freddie Mitchell, Eagles: How this dude can not make the list is beyond me. Number one, he sucked and apparently didn’t realize that. Number two he wore oven mitts to a press conference once.

Eddie Kennison, Chiefs: Retired because of his lack of passion and then unexpectedly found it again once he went to the team he wanted to play for. He once used the term "sucking on Mike Shanahan’s booty" to describe his disdain for the coach. Not cool man. Not cool. I just ate.

Lamar Thomas, Dolphins: As a color commentator at the game, he claimed the notorious Miami/FIU brawl was all FIU’s fault and then added this beauty: "You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked. You don't come into the (Orange Bowl) playing that stuff."

Steve Largent, Seahawks: Crazy enough not to demand a trade from the god awful Seahawks. Lost the gubernatorial race in Oklahoma because he underestimated the power of the cockfighting industry in the state. (Just joking Mr. Dependable. You were crazy to waste those skills while going over the middle for Dave Krieg though.)

Antonio Bryant, Bucs: Threw a sweaty jersey in the face of Bill Parcells and lived to tell the tale. Dang it! He’s a former Cowboy!

I guess we do have nutty receivers.

And I didn't even mention Patrick Crayton.


Speaking of Bryant he’s finally learned the lesson T.O. has yet to learn and quit talking to the press. He was recently signed by the Bucs and everyone around him knows this could be his last chance to fulfill his potential. He blew a $14 million contract he got from the 49ers. Bryant only signed a one-year contract so it’s not like the Bucs have a major financial investment in him. Bryant can’t get that money back. But through hard work and silence, he might get some respect back around the league.

Here’s hoping he finally gets it.


Emmitt Smith has a job that never gets old: collecting awards.

His fraternity Phi Beta Sigma recently named a scholarship after him. The award ceremony took place Thursday at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas.

I wonder if Emmitt ever had to do this. We know Emmitt is nimble. I can see him being the go-to guy in a stepshow.

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