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Roger Goodell on Pacman Jones reinstatement

The Commish – Roger Goodell – addressed the Pacman situation today at a luncheon in Dallas. Jerry Jones was also on hand.

"If he continues to conduct himself in a way that I think represents the NFL positively, I will consider reinstating him before the season," Goodell said during his open forum remarks. "Whether he is going to be traded or not doesn't impact on my decision, on that basis. His representatives know that."

"I think any time you can look into people's eyes and seeing how they say something, whether they are genuine in what they are saying," Goodell said. "A lot of us can be scripted, a lot of us can be told, `These are the messages' and `This is what the commissioner wants to hear.' But I will ask questions and I will look for responses from him to see if he is genuine and if he's taking responsibility for what he's done. ...

"You can make a mistake, but you need to recover from that mistake, and you need to start to develop the resources and the understanding how to make better decisions going forward. And that's what I'm hoping for from Adam when I look him in the eye. I'll ask him questions and I'm hoping he'll be genuine and I'm hoping he'll conduct himself in the right way and I'm hoping we'll see him on the field again someday."

Sounds like high-noon at Pacman’s reinstatement interview, whenever that comes.

Jerry had some comments too, basically saying the deal has very little momentum right now and that the longer it drags out the less chance it has of happening. I call that negotiating through the media. Jerry wants the Titans to think he’ll bail. Heck, he’s playing the commish card.

However, Jerry Jones said he’s not confident that Pacman Jones will be reinstated by the league. "Not at all."

"It’s going to take more than just talk from Adam to get on the field."

Sounds to me like Jerry’s holding firm trying to force the Titan's hand.

Hey, if we don’t get the Pacman trade done, we can always move on to another trade. We have a volunteer.

"I want to be traded before the draft, and if that doesn't happen, I want to be traded as soon as possible,'' [Chad] Johnson said. "I don't intend on reporting to anything.''

That was in response to Carson Palmer saying Chad told him he would be reporting to workouts. Things sound peachy with the Bengals.

Helmet Head vs. McShay in a battle of first round mocks.

  1. Dallas Cowboys (from CLE): Mel Kiper - Felix Jones RB | Todd McShay - Felix Jones RB
  1. Dallas Cowboys: Mel Kiper - DeSean Jackson WR | Todd McShay - James Hardy WR

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