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Big Ben pokes fun at Tony Romo and the Jessica Curse

Oh no he didn't!

Seems like Ben Roethlisberger was on ESPN recently and was talking junk about Jessica Simpson.

"I got to play at Dallas, I think it was my rookie year," Roethlisberger said. "I'm glad they're coming up here to play us. I'm thinking about sending an all-expenses paid trip for Tony (Romo) to go to Mexico."

Tafoya shot back, "I thought you were going to bring Jessica to you."

And Roethlisberger played along. "We could do that too," Big Ben said. "I might just fly her in."

Now these comments were in jest.

But it's the offseason, the draft isn't here yet and I'm bored. So... it's time to commence to taking these comments out of context, folks!

You know what, Big Head Ben, I'd lay off J Simpson if I were you. You've had some mishaps of your own and the local Steeler media would go nuts if Tony Romo said he was going to take you out to pop some wheelies before our next game. Or if he said he was going to make you eat your own disgusting line of beef jerky so that you'd have food poisoning.

Now I realize his motorcycle accident was serious and almost life-threatening. I don't want to make light of that. I also realize he's got more room to talk because he's actually won multiple playoff games and a Super Bowl Ring. He's looked at as one of the bright, young quarterbacks of the league while Romo – also in that class – is probably also looked at as a playoff investment that has yet to pay off.

As I said here, Simpson is part of the family and if you talk about her I gotta defend her. So lay off, Big Head Ben, and have some restraint. I didn't make light of those notorious goofy "Fathead" commercials or that horrible "American Idol" Super Bowl commercial you were in. Actually, I did but that's besides the point. Do as I say not as I do Roethlisberger!

Hat tip for coolaid who addressed it in his diary.

Another installment in Ray Buck's "Old Boys Club." This time he looks at the Cowboys and their success with double-digit rounds in the draft. We got Roger Staubach in the 10th round, Chad Hennings in the 11th round and Larry Brown in the 12th round. We also got Jethro Pugh in the 11th round and Jerry Rhome in the 13th round. Anybody named Jethro has got to go earlier than that. Just saying.

Two tidbits of draft trivia I didn't know: clubs didn't have time restrictions and the drafts were held during the season.

In these pre-ESPN/Mel Kiper days, the NFL didn't put teams on the clock, either.

"One year [1962], the Steelers took about five hours to find someone to draft that they could sign," Brandt recalled. "They ended up drafting Bob Ferguson -- the big Ohio State fullback -- because they could sign him."

Early NFL drafts with double-digit rounds frequently went into the wee hours of the next day.

"The year we drafted John Niland (1966), we started at 8 a.m. Saturday morning and didn't finish until 4 or 4:30 p.m. Sunday," Brandt said. "I think it was the only Cowboys game that Tex Schramm and I ever missed."

Back then, NFL Drafts were held in-season.

Can you imagine a draft during the season? How awesome would that be? We would've drafted like seven cornerbacks in a row if the draft was held in December. Seriously.

Jerry Jones dons his Capt. Obvious suit and says "we are in an enviable spot" because we have two first-round draft picks. Ya think?

"The ammo or the consideration to do some of those things are there," Jones said. "But on the other hand, the best value in the draft could very easily be in the bottom 10 picks of the first round. We are in an enviable spot. Those picks are highly thought of there."

Jones is ecstatic about the Cowboys' seemingly advantageous situation. History suggests they have had their best drafts when they have had multiple picks in the first round.

"When you look at when we have drafted with two picks, we have made some things happen," Jones said. "That is the way it should be. We have more ammo."

There are several draft prospects who traveled to the Ponderosa (Valley Ranch) who might be selected with one of those two picks. The names Felix Jones, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Jonathan Stewart come to mind. We get two of those guys and I'm happier than Heathcliff eating a fish sandwich.

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