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Dallas Cowboys news and notes

The deadline for restricted free agents to sign deals with other teams has come and gone. The Cowboys now have exclusive negotiating rights to Marion Barber and Chris Canty.

Canty has been part of the team's offseason program. He signed a deal that protects him in the event of an injury, which would ensures he'd get paid the one-year, $2.017 million tender if he was hurt at the team's facility. Canty's planning on signing the tender in the next few days, while keeping an eye on the Barber negotiations, which are a high priority for the club.

The Cowboys and Marion Barber are not any closer to working out a long term deal. Barber was tendered at the highest level, worth $2.562 million for 2008.


Todd Archer puts together some of the random Cowboys happenings from the past week.

One interesting note is Jerry's take on the shortened time for each pick in the draft.

• The NFL has shortened the time teams have in the first and second rounds to make their picks, cutting back from 15 to 10 minutes in the opening round and 10 to seven minutes in Round 2.

The Cowboys are one of the league's biggest wheelers and dealers during the draft, so does owner and general manager Jerry Jones think the cutdown will hurt any possible trades?

"It'll cut down on some of the BS when you're talking, and you can get to the bottom line quicker," Jones said. "That will probably serve me pretty well because I've got too much of that BS."


Recently the DMN blog has had some musings about the all-time great Cowboys draft steals.

Anyways, ESPN has put out it's list of the top 50 all-time great NFL draft steals and draft busts.

Three Cowboys make the list:

17. T Rayfield Wright (Fort Valley State) Drafted by: Cowboys, seventh round, No. 182 overall, 1967.

41. CB Larry Brown (TCU)
Drafted by:
Cowboys, 12th round, No. 320 overall, 1991.

45. DT Leon Lett (Emporia State)
Drafted by:
Cowboys, seventh round, No.173 overall, 1991.

Before Terry flies off his rocker, you have to know that ESPN limited the list to drafts held after the 1967 merger. Therefore, Roger Staubach and the great Bob Hayes do not qualify.

David LaFleur is the only Dallas Cowboy to crack ESPN's list of draft busts.

  1. TE David LaFleur (LSU)

Drafted by: Cowboys, first round, No. 22 overall, 1997.

Update [2008-4-18 23:15:1 by Brandon]: A belated hat tip to markdamack, who first posted the link the ESPN story in his diary.

Rick Gosselin has his much anticipated 2nd mock draft up.

22. Dallas DeSean Jackson WR California
Comment: His punt returns mean shorter fields for Tony Romo

28. Dallas Aqib Talib  CB Kansas
Comment: The Cowboys might trade this pick

I know a lot of people supposedly have a lot respect for Goose's mocks, but has he paid ANY attention to what Jerry and Stephen have been saying regarding the drafting of a wide receiver in the first round? Maybe he thinks it's all a smoke screen.

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