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Ken Hamlin, Dallas Cowboys not close on long-term deal...wait, what!?

This morning various reports surfaced around the internet that the Cowboys were nearing a deal with Ken Hamlin and that the deal was "imminent." Not so, says the Dallas Morning News.

The Cowboys and Kennard McGuire, the agent for Pro Bowl safety Ken Hamlin, met Tuesday at the NFL Owners meetings in Palm Beach, Fla., but the sides are no closer to a deal than they were at the beginning of free agency.


"Anytime you're talking is always a good sign," [Ken Hamlin's agent Kennard] McGuire said. "That doesn't mean a deal is imminent. The time you're not talking is when you need to be concerned."

Which is it? Are they close or not? It's tough to figure these out since two different stories have been derived from the same set of statements. Each uses different snippets of the conversation to support it's specific angle on the story. So who to believe? For now we have to go with the DMN version since there has yet to be any sort of formal announcement regarding the Ken Hamlin contract.

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