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Ken Hamlin, Dallas Cowboys could be near long-term deal

This is good news. It appears the Dallas Cowboys and Ken Hamlin are about to get a long-term deal done.

Hamlin's agent, Kennard McGuire, met with Cowboys officials Tuesday during the lunch break at the NFL owners meetings. A long-term deal could be nearing completion.

McGuire said Tuesday that both sides are seeking the same thing -- to keep Hamlin in Dallas for the long term.

"It's mutual," McGuire said. "We both want to make sure we give him the security that he not only deserves, but that the Cowboys get the player that helps them stabilize what they're doing."

Get ‘er done, Jerry.

The Cowboys and Titans are stalled on the Pacman trade. The Titans want a 4th this year and a 6th that could be a 5th based on performance in 2009. The Cowboys are only willing to give one pick in this year’ draft. You know the talks have stalled because Titan’s coach Jeff Fisher is coming out with all kinds of praise for Pacman, hoping to stoke the interest of others or give the impression that the Cowboys are trying to low-ball the Titans.

Here’s Fisher:

"I've enjoyed him," Fisher said at the AFC coaches' breakfast. "Pac is a good teammate, when he was available, [and] a very good practice player and fun to be around. These issues, involving his personal decisions, are separate."

More Fisher:

"He's one of the more instinctive defensive corners I've ever been around," said Fisher, who has coached defensive football in the NFL for 23 seasons. "Unlike anyone I've ever had before, he's a guy who guesses right. I don't recall him guessing wrong."

Fisher saw Jones evolve into an elite cornerback at Tennessee.

"I thought Pac matured considerably," he said. "By the end of his second year, he understood the emotions associated with the game and how to control those emotions on the field."

This is a very weird report, if it was printed yesterday I would have thought it was an April Fool’s joke, but apparently it’s true. At least it’s true in the sense that the Cleveland Browns thought it was true. The reason the Browns upped their offer to QB Derek Anderson right after free-agency had begun was because they thought they were about to lose him to the Cowboys, who would then ship him to the Dolphins.

Anderson, a restricted free agent, would sign a deal with the Dallas Cowboys that the Browns could not match. The Browns would receive the Cowboys' first- and third-round draft picks, which would have given the Browns the 28th selection in the first round.

The Cowboys then would trade Anderson, and perhaps a future draft pick, to the Miami Dolphins for the first overall pick in this year's draft. The Cowboys would select Arkansas running back Darren McFadden.

No joke, Browns GM Phil Savage admits as much in the article. And the evidence they had for thinking that was minimal. It makes you wonder what goes on in NFL front offices sometimes. There’s another version of the story here, which also includes this nugget.

Here come the Cowboys:

A league source said one draft of the upcoming 2008 schedule calls for the Browns to open the season Sept. 7 at home against the Dallas Cowboys. The game would be moved to 4 p.m. and aired on Fox as its national game.

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