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Draft Week: Dallas Cowboys 2008 draft prospects

Less than one week to go my friends. This is draft week; time to look at some of the players the Cowboys may go after in the first round. This is not an exact science but just guesses based on positions of need and estimates about where players may go in the draft.

Let’s start with a running back. I’m going to pass on profiling Darren McFadden because I just don’t think he’ll slide far enough for the Cowboys to seriously make a move and get him. I admit there’s still a tiny sliver of belief that it could happen and my guy Shango is trying to keep the dream alive, but I’m not sold, no matter how I work out the top of the draft I just don’t see McFadden getting past the Jets at #6.

So I’ll move on to the next big name in the running back crop, Rashard Mendenhall.

Likelihood of being a Cowboy: 4.7%

It would take a lot of luck and some questionable decisions by teams in the draft for Mendenhall to drop all the way to #22. Now, if he started to slide into the late teens, there’s a chance Jerry could try to move up and get him but with the depth of RB talent in this draft, and it’s loaded, the Cowboys would probably wait until #22 and see if Mendenhall was still there.

Why I like Mendenhall: Big, fast, seems to have the total package for a running back. Would give us an option if we can't get a long-term deal done with MB3 past this season. Fills a need for this year.

Why I don't like Mendenhall: Short track record of being "the man" at Illinois, could be thought of as a one-year wonder.

He’ll most likely go off the board in the early teens. The Bears might have an interest, Denver could be a landing spot, maybe Detroit , even the Panthers could get in on the act.

While I’d love to have Rashard Mendenhall next year, it just doesn’t seem likely to happen.


Rashard Mendenhall will:

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  • 79%
    Be long gone by the time Dallas picks
    (366 votes)
  • 7%
    Is a player Jerry might move up for
    (34 votes)
  • 5%
    Will fall and the Cowboys will get lucky at #22
    (24 votes)
  • 8%
    Will fall but Dallas will pass on him anyway
    (39 votes)
463 votes total Vote Now

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