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Back to blogging at BTB

Thank goodness, we’ve made the changeover to BTB 2.0 fairly successfully. At least we did it without a lot of obvious pain. I know there are still some bugs and quirks we’re trying to work out and I can assure you the tech guys are working furiously behind the scenes. Everything seems to be going as well as could be expected. Our tech guys put up a welcome post introducing the new site this morning so I haven’t blogged all day in hopes that most people would see the post and learn all about the new 2.0 version of the blog. But I couldn’t wait any longer and had to post, so you can find that introduction here or just go to the post preceding this one. They also have an email address where you can send bug reports and they are monitoring the comments on that thread for any problems. So take advantage of that if you have encountered issues with the new format.

Also, I created a Roll Call FanPost, here. Please sign in and let us know who all is here. If you’re a vet of BTB, let us know you’re still here. If you're new - I noticed a few lurkers took this opportunity to join the discussion - let us know so we can welcome you. If you’re a vet but had a name change, fill us in on that information, too.

And a big Hat Tip to thebigham, the first person to use the FanShots, here. A perfect use of FanShots, something I hope more of you will take advantage of; if you just want to post a link, a video, a picture or something quick with little commentary, use a FanShot.

OK, so what’s going with the draft. I mean, that’s really what it’s all about right now, unless the Pacman deal crops up again. Over at the Star-T they agree that in the first round the Cowboys should go RB or CB.
Which of the three "need" positions -- RB, WR, CB -- can the Cowboys afford to address last in the NFL draft this weekend?

NEW DAWG: Easy one: Wide receiver. The Cowboys lost their nickel and dime backs in free agency. You must have four good corners with the schedule they play. RB Marion Barber needs a backup, and the Cowboys may need to let Barber go after this season if he’s hellbent on a $60 million contract. I say the Cowboys use the 22nd pick on a running back because Pittsburgh and San Diego will probably take one before the Cowboys’ 28th selection.

BUCK: I’ve said all along -- even with a pickup of Pacman -- the Cowboys’ first-round priorities in this draft are cornerback and running back. Wide receiver is something they get through free agency or a draft-day deal. If not ... Rounds 2-4. The Cowboys have their full complement of picks. Don’t panic. Don’t get cute. In other words, don’t Quincy around on us, please.
I know some of you don’t want to pick a RB in the first round but I think we should if one of the top four are still on the board and there’s no value left at the CB position. I hear everybody say you can get a RB later in round 2 or 3, and that’s true, but that doesn’t mean everyone of those backs are worthy NFL contributors. You still have to get the right one or you blew it. I’m going with the quality of the first round instead of trying to hit on one later. But if a quality CB is available, that’s my pick.

Speaking of CB’s, my friend Matt Miller has this to say about the Cowboys.
The Dallas Cowboys are hoping to find Antoine Cason (Arizona) on the board with the 22nd pick in the first round. We also hear the team likes Brandon Flowers (Virginia Tech) as a physical man-to-man corner. Cornerbacks in a 3-4 defense must be able to man-up, with so much emphasis being placed on the pass rush.
More and more talk is bubbling up about the Cowboys and Antoine Cason. In mock drafts, we always see Felix Jones associated with the Cowboys but now Cason’s name keeps coming up. The Star-T:

22. Dallas Cowboys Felix Jones, WR, Arkansas Julius Jones, who left for Seattle, could be replaced by another Jones, who is used to sharing carries.

28. Dallas Cowboys Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona Terence Newman and Anthony Henry played hurt last season, and Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones left in free agency.

The Kansas City Star:

22 DALLAS COWBOYS (from Cleveland) RB Felix Jones, Arkansas Cowboys don’t want to wait until pick No. 28.

28 DALLAS COWBOYS CB Antoine Cason, Arizona Cowboys could trade pick to team looking to take QB.

But the guys at the DMN – Todd Archer – blow the clean sweep.
22. Cowboys (Archer) - Arkansas RB Felix Jones

28. Cowboys (Archer) - Kansas CB Aqib Talib

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