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NFC East targeting veteran wide receivers


It looks like the entire NFC East - except for the Giants - is looking to grab a veteran WR. According to sources the Redskins made an offer to the Bengals for their talented, but disgruntled receiver Chad Johnson.

The Redskins offered this year's first round pick, No. 21 overall, and a conditional third rounder in 2009 that could escalate to a first rounder if Johnson and the Redskins hit certain performance levels, the sources said.

The Bengals have not only rejected the Redskins, but two other NFC East suitors -- the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles -- have been informed that there has been no change in the team's position that Johnson will not be traded.

That’s seems to at least set the minimum bar for what the Bengals would consider for Johnson. And given his attitude and big contract, I can’t see any teams going above and beyond that offer. It looks like Ocho Cinco will stay where he is unless the Bengals are just driving up the price. My gut tells me that they are serious about not trading him.

 That won’t stop the NFC East though, there’s another wide receiver out there drawing interest. Roy Williams is a guy on the last year of his contract and the Lions have made no effort to sign him to a long-term contract, leading to much speculation about his future. 

In the latest episode, Eagles radio analyst Mike Quick says there will be news on Williams before the week is out. -- a Web site run by former Lions, Eagles and Cowboys linebacker Garry Cobb, now a Philadelphia media personality -- reports "that means the Cowboys, Redskins or the Eagles will probably wind up with the receiver."

 At the Lions’ press conference yesterday, they shook off questions about trading Roy but didn’t give the emphatic "no" that they had previously stated. Maybe something is cooking there and I hope the Cowboys are right in the middle of it. I’ve always said this one was the most likely to happen for the Cowboys.


Jerry Jones will be holding a pre-draft press conference today. That should be interesting. Among other topics I’m sure the Pacman trade will be discussed.

Nick Eatman talks up the talented defensive line prospects in this draft.

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