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Dallas Cowboys random articles

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A couple of weeks ago I was asked to participate in a mock draft for NBC Sports that was made up entirely of bloggers. I was assigned the #22 pick for the Dallas Cowboys. They’ve finally put that draft up and you can view the results here


The Houston Chronicle has a write-up  on Jamaal Charles and has a mention of the Cowboys. 

Among the teams who have shown the most interest are Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago. Jamaal, who spent last Friday at Valley Ranch with the Cowboys, said he'd love to wind up in Dallas.

"It couldn't be much better than to play high school, college and pro football in the state of Texas," [Charles] said. "My family and friends could come to the games, like they did at Texas. And I'd be going to a good team.

"I had a good visit with Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones. I talked with Wade for a long time. Since he's from Port Neches, it was like I already knew him. One of their scouts told me he was really pushing for me. I think it could be Dallas, Tampa Bay or Tennessee."


Rick Gosselin does a little Q&A  where he says one of the 1st-round picks wouldn’t be enough to get Roy Williams and insists it will take both. I’m not buying that. He also opines on Jamaal Charles and Felix Jones.

Rick Gosselin: OK, running backs. Darren McFadden is the clear-cut best ball carrier on the board because of his combination of size and speed. Remember, the draft is about measurables. McFadden is 6-1, 211. Charles is 5-11, 200. McFadden is bigger, faster and stronger. There's about a round difference between the two on most NFL draft boards. There's also a fumble concern with Charles. I think the value on the board at 22 will be a running back. Felix Jones is that value because he also is an elite kick returner. If the Cowboys wait on the back until 28, Charles and Chris Johnson could come into play.


USA Today has an article on the Jerry Jones press conference from yesterday.  It seems the debate over Jerry Jones’ draft ability rages not only on this blog, but everywhere.

Last year, Parcells protege Jeff Ireland was the team's scouting director, but he's since followed Parcells to Miami, along with others. The fallout is that Cowboys fans are fearing that Jones will botch this draft, like he did several times in the post-Jimmy Johnson, pre-Parcells years.

Let the debate continue!


How about this as a mock draft? 

22. *CINCINNATI BENGALS (from Cleveland through Dallas): DeSean Jackson, WR, California. Replaces Chad Johnson, traded to Cowboys.


OK, this is obscure , but the Cowboys were brought up in article about 6-4, 274-lb defensive end Kenny Iwebema from Iowa who is expected to be a late-round pick. 

Iwebema said many teams have been in discussions with him, naming six - the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, and Baltimore Ravens


Here’s some more on the recent Pacman news. 

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