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Dallas Cowboys acquire Pacman Jones in trade



Sorry for the downtime of the network and consequently this blog, we had an unexpected server/database issue. It’s just my luck that when one of the biggest Cowboys news stories of the year breaks we have technical difficulties that knocks BTB offline. Again, my apologies. I wonder if this is a bad omen?

Well, it’s a done deal, at least agreed to in principle, according to the sources. Yes, that guy, Pacman, is going to be a Dallas Cowboy. Here’s the way ESPN terms the deal:

Dallas will send its fourth-round pick in Saturday's draft to the Titans for Jones.

There are also conditions attached to the trade related to Jones being reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and how much he plays for the Cowboys. If he plays a significant amount of time in 2008, the Titans will get an additional pick from the Cowboys in 2009.

If he doesn't get reinstated by the NFL, the Titans will send an undisclosed 2009 draft pick back to the Cowboys.

Also, Pacman has reached a financial settlement with the Titans regarding his contract situation. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that Jones must pay $500,000 to a charity chosen by the Titans sometime in the next two years. He will receive a new contract from the Cowboys.

OK, so we’re giving up a 4th this weekend in the draft for sure. It looks like we’re sending another pick of an undetermined nature next year if Pacman plays a significant amount of time in 2008. If Pacman doesn’t get reinstated and doesn’t play in 2008, we get a pick back. I’d sure like to know what round those picks fall under. Also, there’s going to be a new contract, hopefully one heavy on incentives that will help to keep our new corner out of trouble. If that’s possible. Jerry Jones, the gambler, is going for a big payoff with a questionable player.

So how does this change our draft? Unknown. The Cowboys claim it won’t but I can’t believe they will put the exact same emphasis on drafting a corner that they would have before. Now, if someone like Mike Jenkins is still on the board at #22 they might just go ahead and take him because having four capable corners is never a bad thing. Also, they might be looking at life in the future with the status of T-New and Henry undetermined. But if they don’t get a chance at one of the top corners they won’t have to reach for one of the guys that would more likely be a second round pick. So I say it changes the strategy slightly, but probably not significantly.

Well, get ready for all the barbs from the rest of the league but who cares? If Pacman plays up to the ability he’s shown in the past and he stays out of trouble – I know, insert joke here – then we’ll be having the last laugh.

Let’s go – post your thoughts on the big trade.

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