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More details on the Pacman Jones to Dallas trade

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In response to comments that Pacman wants to wear #21 in Dallas, I changed his jersey.

Hat tip to BTB-regular BoNeZ who pointed me to this article in the USA Today. The article has some more detail about what’s going on with the Pacman trade. In particular, sources say the agreement over the conditional picks breaks down as follows:

If Jones is available or on injured reserve for 16 games in 2008, the Titans will also get a sixth-round pick from the Cowboys in 2009. Jones doesn't have to play in the games; he just can't be suspended.

If Jones isn't reinstated, the Titans will send a fourth-round draft pick back to the Cowboys in 2009. If Jones is reinstated and suspended again for another matter, the Titans will send a fifth-round pick to the Cowboys in 2009.

And in turns out the impetus to get the deal done was the recent revelation about the "extortion" money Pacman paid to the alleged shooter in the Las Vegas strip club shooting.

According to sources familiar with the negotiations, the impetus was the recent disclosure of facts Jones concealed from the team — the revelation that he'd paid $15,000 to the man charged in a Las Vegas strip club shooting last February.


A police warrant states Jones had a brief encounter with Edwards just moments before the shooting, and there are suspicions Jones could be implicated further.

The Titans had no knowledge of those facts until Las Vegas police released them on Monday, sources said.

It remains unclear if the NFL was aware of the recent developments in Las Vegas, but it could certainly affect whether he is reinstated and available for the Cowboys as soon as this fall.

In addition, has a post that links to the police report about the whole thing. I don’t know, this is a lot of mud to be wading through to get a football player. The Cowboys better have a pipeline to Roger Goodell’s office and have a pretty good idea that Pacman will be reinstated and that there is nothing else coming out of the Las Vegas incident that could implicate Pacman in any further trouble. They also better have Calvin Hill and company on red-alert to protect their newest asset from his own worst failings. Like I said, a lot of mud here, Pacman better be worth it on the field of play. Because he hasn’t shown he’s worth it off the field.

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