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I apologize


I’m sorry. I know the service you’ve come to expect from Blogging The Boys and SB Nation as a whole has been woefully poor over the last 24 hours. I’m frustrated as I’m sure you are, too. For this, I can do nothing but offer my sincere regrets. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for this community with the huge trade news of Pacman Jones currently in play and the draft coming up this weekend. I hope that the problems will be resolved soon and I can only hope that you guys will be patient with me and the blog during this time. I appreciate the unwavering loyalty you, the readers of this blog, have shown to me and BTB over the last couple of years. And I pray that you will continue to show that loyalty during this period and when we come out on the other side everything will be back to normal. I’ve heard the complaints about the new platform from some readers and I can sympathize with your frustrations. At the same time, the new platform has proven to be wildly successful for the baseball blogs which ran fine for a month or two until this recent incident. Only in the last day have we experienced the downtime you now see and our hope is that this will be fixed very shortly and the blogs will be running smoothly henceforth. Going back to the old platform is not a possibility and even if it was I wouldn’t want to do it. The new platform is one I believe in fully and I think that once we get past this rough patch most of you will, too. It takes some getting used to but once we settle in I am confident that it will eventually win most of you over.

So at this moment all I can do is plead with you guys to give me and the blogs a little leeway. Sure, this sucks and you can imagine me freaking out waiting for the service to come back online so I can post about the Pacman trade. My agitation is probably as strong as yours at this moment. But I believe we’ll soon get past it and things will be running smoothly again, just like it has for the preceding couple of years. This is the first time I can remember that we’ve had this much downtime for the blog. Please bear with me and please don’t abandon the community. I promise things will get better.

Stick with me guys!



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