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NFL Draft: I mock thee

It’s almost here. We’ve been waiting for the draft since Tony Romo’s desperation heave was intercepted by the Giants, ending our hopes for the 2007 season. Free agency is usually a big event but our salary cap problems limited us to only picking up Zach Thomas. We did re-sign some of our own free agents and just recently – I don’t know if you guys heard about this – we picked up some player named Pacman in a trade. But the draft is the event we’ve all been drooling over and finally, it’s about to happen. With that in mind I decided to take a swing around the Net to see who the mock drafts had the Cowboys picking at #22 and #28. Some of these are final mocks and others are just the most current as some prognosticators will have another mock posted later today or tomorrow morning.


Well, it seems that everybody still has Felix Jones on their minds for the Cowboys and despite Jerry Jones’ protestations that we won’t be picking a WR in the first round, some mockers just couldn’t help themselves. DeSean Jackson seems like a popular target for the Cowboys but I beg to differ. I don’t see the Cowboys going in that direction.

Tomorrow morning I’ll post a thread where everybody can make their final predictions but I’ll go ahead and post what I’m thinking now. More than likely, the Cowboys will trade out of the first round with one of these picks but if I was forced to go ahead and select at #22 and #28, here’s what I think they would do.

#22 – Felix Jones – I have to agree with a lot of the above mocks, I just think he’s someone who can come in and contribute right away and he adds a speed element to the offense that is lacking outside of T.O. The Cowboys are poised to strike at the Super Bowl this year and Jones would add a weapon to their arsenal on offense and on kickoff returns. Besides, he brings our quotient of Joneses up to the requisite level with the addition of Pacman Jones.

#28 – Antoine Cason – Even though the Cowboys have traded for Pacman, they want another corner who they can groom for the future and who could contribute this year in case of injury. Cason is an underrated talent in my book and has been jumped over by guys with athletic measurables, but Cason knows how to play the game of football and has proven that over four years as a starter.

This isn't my final mock, like I said, tomorrow I’ll post a thread for final predictions. On that one, I’ll include a trade if I can settle on a specific one.

Feel free to critique the above mocks in the comments below and add your own Draft Day eve prediction.

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