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Should Marcus Spears be worried?


I’ve made it know for a while that I want the Dallas Cowboys to move Jay Ratliff back to DE as a starter and draft a rookie to help man the NT spot with Tank Johnson. If they don’t do that I would like to see them give Jason Hatcher a shot at the starter’s role. Either way, I’m not a fan of Marcus Spears’ play and want some more production from that end of the defensive line. Could I get my wish?

The Cowboys are contemplating moving Jason Hatcher into the starting lineup as well as moving nose tackle Jay Ratliff back to end, according to a source.


Ah, the ever-elusive, anonymous source. OK, I shouldn’t get my hopes up. But Spears has heard the chatter about the Cowboys putting his name on the trade block and had this to say.

"I have been going through everything this off-season," Spears said. "The trade talk and all the other stuff. I’m just doing my part, handling what I can handle. If I get caught up in the business part of football and have to make a change, I won’t be happy because I love it here. But at the same time I love playing the game. I am ready for whatever. Hopefully, I’m around. We will see what happens."


T.O. isn’t happy  that he was pictured in a porn shoot the other day. Turns out that he was just passing by and was photographed on the street where it was taking place. 

The loud-mouthed T.O. had his lawyer fire off a cease-and-desist letter to the Web site, which ran the picture and snarkily suggested the All-Pro receiver was considering a career in the porn business.

"All this was designed to bring embarrassment to him in his professional and personal capacity, and subject him to ridicule," reads the angry two-page missive from lawyer Allen Lerner.

"The clear meaning and innuendo is that Mr. Owens was actively and consensually participating in a porn site - a lie."

Leave it to T.O. to stumble onto a porn shoot. How come I never get that lucky?


McFadden’s Mama wants the Cowboys to draft him. 

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