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NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys Open Thread #1


Ah, Draft Day. It’s here. I hope you guys will be spending your day in front of the TV and chatting here on BTB.

This is the first of many open threads for the weekend. Feel free to chat it up and throw out any ideas or tidbits you pick up from around the Net.

Here are few nuggets to start the morning:

Last night’s trade of Akin Ayodele and Anthony Fasano for the Dolphins 4th-round picked saved the Cowboys around $650,000 against the cap. Not bad, but hardly a significant salary cap dump. Ayodele wasn’t in the plans anymore after the signing of Zach Thomas. Fasano was the surprise although I wasn’t exactly enamored with his play. He hadn’t produced in the passing game and his blocking was merely OK. But with only star of stage and screen Tony Curtis backing up Jason Witten, could the Cowboys be eyeing another TE somewhere in the draft?

By the way, the Cowboys picks are #22, #28, #61, #92, #100, #163, #167 and #235.

Word is the Cowboys have reached new contract terms with Pacman on a 4-year deal. But the hold up in officially completing the trade stems from a physical AND the NFL players union might object to Pacman giving up a $1.25 million performance bonus he earned with the Titans.

Some final mock drafts:

Todd McShay – Felix Jones, Brandon Flowers

Mel Kiper – Felix Jones, James Hardy

Rick Gosselin – Felix Jones, Brandon Flowers

NFL Draft Cowntdown - DRC, Felix Jones

Don Banks – Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins


This is an open thread, chat it up!

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