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Dallas Cowboys draft articles

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Quotes from some of our new draft picks.

Erik Walden article. 

"It’s been crazy," Walden said. "The phone wasn’t ringing, and I didn’t know what was going on. I just got this new phone, but it was broken. I can’t call out, and calls don’t come in. But then a three-digit number came up on the phone, and I knew that wasn’t right. Finally, my brother called me on the house phone and said, ‘Man, you just got drafted by the Cowboys!’
"I thought he was playing a joke on me. Then my other brother called me and said the same thing. Then I saw my name on TV, and it felt great. It was a relief because they hadn’t called me, but I know why they hadn’t. My phone is broken."

Orlando Scandrick article.

"They said I could be a great corner in this league, but it’s going to take some work," Scandrick said. "I have to go in with my heart open and be ready to be coached and get better every day."

Tashard Choice article. 

[On Felix Jones] "It's going to be a good situation," Choice said. "We're different kinds of running backs."

Choice said he has friends on the Cowboys, including Terence Newman, Pacman Jones and Roy Williams, an Oklahoma alumnus Choice met when Choice was an Oklahoma freshman.

Felix Jones article. 

On what it will be like wearing a star on his helmet:

FELIX JONES: It will be an honor. I know that for sure. That star represents a lot. That is something I am going to wear and play my best and I am just happy now that I am getting a chance to put it on. This is a dream come true for me.


Pro Football Weekly loves our choice of Choice. 

Landing Georgia Tech RB Tashard Choice in the fourth round was a steal for the Cowboys. Choice is extremely competitive at a position where the trait could not be more important, and he will find a way to compete for playing time and could be groomed to replace Marion Barber. The selection of two running backs in this draft should be a clear indicator to Barber that he may not get paid by the Cowboys to stick around next year, which both parties may have already known. If Choice stays healthy, he could prove to be the best player from this round.

The Cowboys war room was one crazy place to be during the draft. 

[On Jerry wanting to trade up in the 2nd round to get Martellus Bennett] Yet as the owner angled to move up in the second round, Stephen [Jones] delicately led the room's consensus to stand pat.

"Don't you want to go and get yourself some dinner?" Stephen recalled telling his father.


A couple of draft grades.


Dallas Cowboys: Excellent job in filling needs but bypassing Rashard Mendenhall? Had to get RB and did, in explosive Felix Jones. He'll dovetail nicely with Marion Barber III. Then moved up three spots in deal with Seattle and grabbed CB Mike Jenkins, which gives them some insurance regarding Pacman Jones and his uncertain status (currently suspended). TE Martellus Bennett steps in for traded Anthony Fasano.

Grade: D 

Bottom Line: Two backup running backs? A reserve tight end? A cornerback with questionable heart? It all adds up to the most head-scratching Draft of the bunch.


An article only BTB-regular Terry could love.


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