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Dallas Cowboys random articles about the draft

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6th-round pick Erik Walden wanted to know about playing OLB in the 3-4 so he asked his coach to show him some film. He thought it wasn’t much different from what he’s already done and his coach agreed.

“We’ve used him as a stand-up guy (as opposed to a down lineman in a three-point stance), and we’ve done some different things with him the last two years with our zone blitzes and dropping him into (pass) coverage,” [Coach] Diaz said. “It’s not much different from (a 3-4 scheme). You rush the passer, play over the tight end and drop into coverage. Erik has done that.”


He also had this to say about the current Cowboys OLB’s.


“I take my hat off to them,” Walden said. “DeMarcus Ware is a beast, and so is Greg Ellis. I’m going to take advantage of being around those players and take in whatever they can teach me.
“But I think this is a good fit for me, a perfect fit. And the Cowboys must think so too because they invested a draft pick in me.”

The DMN profiles UDFA Daniel Polk who will be trying to make a QB-to-WR transition like Patrick Crayton and Isaiah Stanback. 

Nebraksa WR Maurice Purify has drawn interest from the Cowboys, but will attend rookie camp in Cincy. 

However, Purify has not signed a free-agent contract with Cincinnati because three other teams — the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys and the Tennessee Titans — have expressed interest. A player can attend training camps with more than one team before signing, so at this point, Purify is keeping his options open.

Malcom Kelly is a Redskin now and will have to dump his lifelong allegiance to the Cowboys , just like he did for the Longhorns when he went to Oklahoma

Then came another receiver, this one without a nickname, posing for pictures with No. 84. He grew up in Texas, yet played for Oklahoma. And he was a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fans until "about two days ago."


"It's not as hard as everyone thinks it is," said Malcolm Kelly, the Longview, Texas, native who's had to abandon loyalties to both of his state's biggest college and pro teams. "You have to play for who you play for."

A short article about UDFA TE Drew Atchison.

Atchison, a walk-on to the program after the 2004 season, played in 26 career games for the Tribe, making 17 starts at tight end. One of the program’s hardest workers, Atchison made the long climb from walk-on to all-Virginia caliber tight end in just three short years. His combination of size (6-7, 260 pounds), speed (4.6 seconds in 40-yard dash) and outstanding hands caught the interest of scouts, while his numbers on the field (34 catches for 475 yards and six TDs) during the 2007 season were among the best at his position, both in the Colonial Athletic Association and nationally. He participated in the East/West Shrine Game this past January. Atchison ended his Tribe career with 46 grabs for 658 yards and eight TDs.

The Dallas Cowboys are the odds-on favorite to win the NFC Championship at 7/2.  

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