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Cowboy Roundup: Eagles trying to ruin T.O.'s credit

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While the Eagles aren’t busy drafting lineman who give up six sacks in a single game they’re doing other more productive things. Like suing one of the guys that helped their sad sorry organization get to the Super Bowl.

Yes the Eagles have sued Terrell Owens for the bonus money he was ordered to pay in his arbitration ruling early this year. Seems like the Eagles weren’t satisfied with shutting him down for a half a season. They’d like to ruin his credit as well.

The Eagles. What a class organization they are.


Jerry Jones thinks Terry Glenn has a "50 percent chance" of playing next year. I hope so. We had an amazing season last year until the Giants treated us like a bunch of little kids in the playoffs. It’s scary to think what we’re capable of with a healthy T. Glenn in the stable.


Dallas apparently liked undrafted Colorado State quarterback Caleb Hanie. But with Tony Romo here the chances of him seeing the field are about as good as me becoming a magician. So he signed with the Bears, who basically assured him a practice squad spot.

"I had to pass up Dallas - I love Jason Garrett and Wade Wilson as their quarterbacks coach," Hanie said. "I loved Dallas growing up and I'm a big fan, but they have Tony Romo and I thought this would be my best opportunity."

Speaking of backup quarterbacks, could Chris Simms (the bane of the existence of many heartbroken UT fans until God created Vince Young on the fifth day) be coming to Dallas?

Simms is staying away from the Bucs’ voluntary offseason program. It’s been two years since he took that vicious hit and then had to have his spleen removed. I guess that automatically tops any war stories his dad would tell at the dinner table.

If I were Roy Williams I’d make him relive this play over and over again.


There’s a new standard in the NFL.

Let’s do a hypothetical here. Say you’re an agent. Say you’ve got a client with some character issues. You’re trying to explain them away so he can get a job and you can get paid. Do you: A) Bring up the fact you saw him beating his cat yesterday, B) Talk about how much he loves his mother, who by the way, told him to stop beating his cat yesterday or C) Compare him to the most notorious player in football right now.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll let you decide.

The agent for new Titans linebacker Stanford Keglar doesn't want fans to get the wrong impressions of his client.

Agent Jeff Chilcoat said Monday he expects charges against Keglar stemming from a fight last March to be dismissed in the coming weeks. The Titans said they were aware of the charges before drafting the Purdue player in the fourth round Sunday

"This is not another Pacman,'' Chilcoat said about Keglar. "This is a great kid, he really is. We fully anticipate (this) is going to be dismissed and (Keglar) will have no ramifications from it.''

There you go. He’s got problems but he ain’t Pacman!


Multiply this by 1,000 when the season starts.

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