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You Vote: Biggest draft steal in Dallas Cowboys history

Note: My original plan was to have this done the day before the draft but technical difficulties changed the schedule a bit.

Over the past few weeks Blogging The Boys has profiled the nominees that you picked for the biggest steals and worst disappointments in Cowboys history. Below you will find two polls, one for each category. At 6 PM tomorrow the voting will end and we can finally name the consensus winners based on what the fans think.

Feel free to lobby for who you think should the votes in the comments section.

To update everyone, and for those that have joined us recently, Blogging The Boys has been profiling the biggest busts and steals in Cowboys history based on a list of nominees given by the BTB community in the first post in the Dallas Cowboys draft challenge. I couldn't include every player named by you guys as nominees and went with the ones that were mentioned the most. I hope that clears up some of the confusion on where these names came from.

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