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Akin Ayodele; status uncertain

If you’re Akin Ayodele, this can’t be what you want to hear from the owner.

"Anybody we have who’s in our preseason program and who we played with last year and who we’ve got back and who is on our roster right now, certainly they have a good chance to be involved [next season]," Jones said. "But that doesn’t in any way imply that we won’t be working our roster and doing some things different on the roster, which gives rise to, ‘Well, can you say for sure that Akin is going to be your starter next year,’ and I can’t." (ed - emphasis added)

When management is talking about changes on the roster and your name comes up in that explanation, it's not good.

What’s up with the local writers? Charean Williams at the Star-T:

The Cowboys are still talking to Kennard McGuire, the agent for safety Ken Hamlin, about a long-term contract. That deal is close.

Todd Archer at the DMN:

Hamlin's agent, Kennard McGuire, spoke with the Cowboys on Tuesday, but the sides are not close to an agreement on a long-term deal.

I give. I’ll just patiently wait and see if something happens.

Don Banks takes some shots at Wade Phillips.

Phillips drew a lot of heat late last season and after the playoff loss, and deservedly so. He seemed a bit tone deaf when it came to his team and its less-than-rousing head of momentum heading into the playoffs, and he seemed to make excuses for its underachievement afterward, trying to cling to the ridiculous notion that earning a first-round bye equated to winning their first playoff game.

And after listening to him Wednesday, I'm still not sure Phillips gets it. He was back making the same basic points that won him some derision after the loss to the Giants.

I have to agree to an extent with Banks, I hate the way Wade talks about the end of last year. Getting a bye in the playoffs is not the same as winning a playoff game. And 13-3 really doesn't mean a whole lot after losing in the first round.

Ocho Cinco is losing it.

The SB Nation mock draft is rolling along. Check it out at Mocking the Draft.

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