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In the immortal words of James Taylor, "You’ve got a friend." Who knew that T.O. and tennis star Andy Roddick were such good buds? They hang.

But here they were this week, playing cards before Roddick’s match at the Sony Ericsson Open, laughing it up like old friends.

"I wish a lot of the public saw what I saw," Roddick said Wednesday after a morning practice. "He’s a pretty friendly guy, he’ll meet people — friends of mine — who he doesn’t really even know, and he’s nothing but nice and sweet to them. I wish the public saw a little bit more of that side of him."

The preseason schedule.

Aug. 9 at San Diego KTVT/CBS 11 TBA
Aug. 16-17 at Denver KTVT/CBS 11 TBA
*Aug. 22 vs. Houston KTVT/CBS 11 7 p.m.
Aug. 25-29 vs. Minnesota KTVT/CBS 11 TBA
*Nationally televised

Pacman commentary that BTB-regular Terry will love.

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