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Akin Ayodele says he'll start...if the competition is fair

Don’t look now but Akin Ayodele says he has no intention of giving up his starting position to Zack Thomas, as long as the competition is on the up-and-up.

"I've never worried about anybody taking my starting position if the competition is fair," Ayodele said. "If it's not, then you know the deal."

Yesterday I posted Jerry’s words saying he didn’t know if Akin would be the starter and was discussing changes on the roster.

Akin says he’s talked to Wade Phillips about Thomas and trade rumors but wouldn’t reveal just what was said in the conversation. But he was adamant that he would be the starter.

"It's like every year, it's how you play," Ayodele said. "I'm going into the season like it's my position. I am the starter and nothing has changed."


"When you let it get to you they control you," Ayodele said. "I don't let nobody control me but God."

When a player starts referring to the brass as "they" then things are getting spicy! I wouldn’t mind seeing that competition at training camp, things could get interesting. But alas, I fear Akin will be traded by then. It doesn’t look like he has any plans on being a backup and being quiet about it, and it sure sounds like Jerry and Wade brought Zack here to start.

So what say you? Will Akin be gone in a trade by the time things really get rolling or will we get to see Akin and Zack duke it out at training camp?

Meanwhile, some Cowboys players may not be cheering the possible arrival of Pacman. BTB-regular Incredifan posted his thoughts on a recent Bradie James interview. I didn’t hear the interview but Incredifan reports that Bradie sounded less than enthusiastic towards the idea of Pacman coming to Dallas.

Now, Terence Newman reveals that some other guys in the locker room share that same view.

"I’m sure it will be mixed emotions," said Newman, who was working out at the team’s Valley Ranch headquarters Thursday. "I’m sure there are people in the locker room that don’t want him here, and I’m positive there are guys that do want him here."

I wonder how far this really goes. Its funny how the momentum for a Pacman trade was steaming along last week; deals were reported to be imminent three or four times. Suddenly, nothing but troubled waters. I think the Titans will come back to it before too long. They want to get something done before the draft.

Newman offers this assessment if Pacman does come to Valley Ranch.

"I sat out a month and it took me a while to get back,"’ Newman said. "He sat out a year. It’s not like he’s just going to come in and even be the third corner. He’s going to have to earn it. To me, it’s still going to be tough. With (second-year cornerback) Alan Ball, he’s coming around. He’s going to be a player.

"If they restructure his (Jones) contract, I say 'why not?' if you can get him here for cheap."

"I ain't going to baby sit him," Newman said. "He’s a grown man. You try to help him stay out of trouble and tell him to do the right things but at the same time we still have our lives to live and he still has his life to live."

T-New wasn’t done there. He had more to say about his upcoming contract negotiations plus plenty of other stuff. Go read BTB-regular Impatient’s diary breaking it all down using Nick Eatman’s article. Good stuff!

Todd Archer contemplates the value of draft picks vs. trading them for Pacman.

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