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Friday afternoon mock drafts

What’s more fun on a Friday afternoon than some mock drafts?

Don’t forget, SB Nation is running its own mock draft and the results are posted here. So far, we’ve gone through 13 picks meaning the Cowboys turn on the clock is still probably days away, more than likely late next week. Whenever it comes up, I’ll be consulting with you guys on the pick so keep up to date as to who is available.

Matt Mosley has his new mock up.

  1. Cowboys

Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas: I think the Cowboys will decide between Jones and Oregon running back Jonathan Stewart. Both players are explosive, but the toe injury that Stewart has is a concern. Jerry Jones isn't as enamored with former Razorbacks as you might think, but Jones is the right guy.

  1. Cowboys

Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech: No matter what happens with Pacman, the Cowboys need another cornerback. Flowers isn't one of the elite corners in the draft, but he has good size (5-11, 192) and he's the best player on the board at this point.

I don’t mind Felix Jones, but Mosley has us passing on Jonathan Stewart to take Jones. I’m the other way around, Jones would be good, but if we can get Stewart I say take him. Flowers is an OK pick, the top-4 corners were off the board, but I might have gone in a different direction.

The Sports Network.

22 - Cowboys - Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois (5-10, 225) - Cowboys aren't necessarily looking for a running back, but if Mendenhall lasts this long, they'll change their thinking.

28 - Cowboys - James Hardy, WR, Indiana (6-6, 217) - Hardy is a little raw and has some character issues, but since when has that stopped Dallas?

It’s funny how they can get the pick right but the explanation wrong. If Mendenhall is on the board at this time, Dallas will take him in a heartbeat. So I love the pick although I don’t think it’s based much in reality. But their explanation starts with: Cowboys aren't necessarily looking for a running back... Could have fooled me; we are absolutely looking for a running back. Hardy feels like a reach at #28.

Pro Draft Guide.

22.Dallas Cowboys (via CLE) - CB Aqib Talib (Kansas)
Is it possible that Dallas drafts a defensive tackle here? Yes it is but with the best defensive back from tier one left, the Cowboys have to sure up their secondary with this ballhawk. This ballhawk, Talib, is a former Jayhawk that helped Kansas stride into the BCS in 2007 with his explosive playmaking abilities.

28.Dallas Cowboys - WR Limas Sweed (Texas)
This is a difficult pick to predict as every mock draft on the web has Dallas taking a WR with either of their first round picks. Sweed, a local guy from the Longhorns, has the physical tools that remind us of a younger Terrell Owens. He would be a nice future go-to WR for QB Tony Romo.

Again, what’s with the explanation on picking Talib at #22. They say: Is it possible that Dallas drafts a defensive tackle here? Yes... I don’t think we have any intention of taking a DT in the first round, in fact if we do pick one up, it will almost assuredly be on the second day. But I like the Talib pick in general. Especially if Pacman is not a Cowboy by the draft. I like Sweed, but to me he’s in a group of three or four that could be the Cowboys choice if they go WR.

  1. Dallas Cowboys –  Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

The Cowboys have taken defensive players in the first round for several years and it seems like the right time to add some young playmakers on offense. It is unclear what Malcolm’s Kelly draft future is and he needs medical clearance and a strong individual workout to remain in the first round. But he was dominant at the collegiate level and has rare size and playmaking ability and would fit well in the Cowboys offense. If the Boys don’t feel comfortable with Kelly here, then Limas Sweed may be the pick.

  1. Dallas Cowboys – Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

The Cowboys could go CB here with this pick, but after losing Julius Jones to the Seahawks, Dallas needs a complimentary back to go with Marion Barber III. Jones has terrific speed and quickness and would be a great change of pace back that has the elusiveness and breakaway speed to take it to the house on any given play.

I could certainly live with that draft as long as Kelly has an A-Ok on his medical stuff. But any draft that ignores CB in the first round must be under the assumption that Pacman will be a Cowboy. Otherwise, the Cowboys desperately need one in the first round.

SB Nation’s Chiefs blog, Arrowhead Pride, is having its own community draft. The just got past the Cowboys pick at #28. They gave us Felix Jones at #22 and Aqib Talib at #28. That draft would be fine by me.

BTB-regular Terry has another mock draft from the LA Times in this diary.

Rick Gosselin has posted his player rankings for the draft.

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