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Dallas Cowboys reading material

Here’s some reading material for a Saturday.

The requisite Pacman section. (Don’t hate on me, it’s a story, I have to cover it).

The latest news is that Pacman will forgo some bonus performance money he’s owed (1.2 million) in exchange for the signing bonus that the Titans say Pac owes them (1.275 million). That signing bonus was what the Titans asked Dallas to pay that added further complications to the deal this week.

Hat tip to BTB-regular DaveTroll for this diary.

Nick Eatman has a few more Pacman thoughts.

Some of you wanted Pacman to start giving back to the community as penance for his transgressions. Ask and you shall receive. Pacman was teaming up with charity to help some folk out. Yes, I get that this is a transparent attempt at rehabilitating an image and a show for Roger Goodell who holds Pac’s future in his hands. But, if people are asking for him to repent, and I certainly agree that he should, it has to start somewhere, no matter how shallow it appears. At least he did something. Maybe he’ll do it again like the article claims. If he does, then does it again, and doesn’t get into trouble, he’s on the right path.

Hat tip to the DMN blog for the link.

Now for your TMZ-style break in the Pacman drudgery. Rumors say that newly single Carrie Underwood is thinking about her old flame. And that she and Tony still talk all the time. Woo-hoo! How exciting is this? They even list what Carrie wants in a man, and they’re all reasonable conditions, except the part about sleeping with a rat terrier named Ace.

Back to your regularly scheduled drudgery.

I was reading this article about the tabled "hair-rule" that the Chiefs have been pushing, not really expecting anything about Dallas specifically. Yet we show up multiple times throughout the article, with appearances by MB3, Roy, Tank and even possible-Cowboy Pacman.

Want to live near Jerry Jones and Troy Aikman? Here’s your chance.

The Cowboys show up in another article about men’s tennis. Yesterday I posted an article about T.O. and A-Rod (the tennis one) and their newfound friendship; today, we get used as an example of frustration about playing second-fiddle, like Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer.

When talking about the greatest NFL teams of all time, nobody mentions the 1977 Dallas Cowboys -- 15-2, No. 1 in offense and defense, winners of three playoff games by an average of 21.3 points per game, the best of three Super Bowl teams over four seasons from Dallas. But those other two Super Bowls and one of those 1977 regular-season games were losses to the Pittsburgh Steelers. So, Pittsburgh has nine starters voted into the Hall of Fame, with more on deck, while Dallas has four, the place in history as Pittsburgh's Opponent and an oft-stated frustration with all of the above.

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