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A BTB challenge: You pick the best and worst draft picks in the history of the Dallas Cowboys

The NFL draft has grown in spectacle every year. What was once a simple ceremony has become sport's biggest event of the spring. NFL fans fill the void of the offseason by reading mock drafts and discussing the pros and cons of prospects across the country. The biggest draw of the draft is the feeling of the unknown; while each pick is the result of careful research it is far from a given they will develop into the player they are touted to be. Teams spend countless hours going through the tapes and files of hundreds of college players in an effort to narrow in on the best choices available. A team's future success is built through the draft; the New York Giants proved what a strong draft class can do for your team on the way to a Super Bowl victory.

As we approach this year's draft, the excitement seems a bit higher than normal. The Cowboys are solid from top to bottom but this years draft can add vital depth to a roster that has nary a glaring hole anywhere on it. The Cowboys need running backs and cornerbacks as a must and as luck would have it this year's draft class is deep at both. The feeling that the players drafted this year could give Dallas that one last nudge over the edge on the path to a championship has made the pressure to get things right the highest it's been in a long time.

In the early 90's the Cowboys built a dynasty through the draft, taking advantage of the plethora of picks acquired in the legendary Hershel Walker trade with Minnesota. and the NFL Network named the 1991 and 1992 Dallas Cowboys draft classes the second best of all time. Those two drafts produced nine starters on the Cowboys' championship teams. The drafts leading up to the 1992 championship season was vital to the continued success of the Cowboys. Unfortunately the failure to sustain that success led to the disappointment of the latter half of the decade. The Cowboys are poised to enjoy similar success with the current roster and look to add the final pieces with this year's draft.

In anticipation of the upcoming draft Blogging the Boys will look back at the successes and failures of past draft classes. Instead of coming up with a list by myself though, I call upon the BTB community for the nominations. In the comments section, list which players you think are the biggest draft steals and worst disappointments in the history of the Cowboys. We will present a profile on the top five nominees in each category and the BTB community will then place their vote for the official best and worst of past Cowboys' drafts. The nomination ballots will close by noon on Monday.

Since it really takes a few years to make a final determination on whether a draft pick is a bust or not (I know that 90% of you immediately started writing Bobby Carpenter), we will limit the nominations to players drafted prior to the 2006 season.

You can view every draft pick in the history of the Cowboys here.

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