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Stephen and Jerry Jones on same page; get a vet WR

I was reading Peter King’s MMQB today and he talked to Stephen Jones about the Cowboys pursuit of a WR this year.

Ran into Cowboys COO and director of player personnel Stephen Jones at the meetings, and he raised a good point about rookie receivers. "I would argue that, other than quarterback, receiver is the toughest position to get players to come in year one and make a real impact,'' Jones said.

Basically, he’s saying the same thing Jerry was saying over the past couple of weeks. The Cowboys want to add a WR but probably not from the draft, instead from a trade to get a veteran. King went through the research and proved what we already know; WR’s rarely make a big impact in their first year. Jerry and Co. believe this team is competing for a Super Bowl in 2008 and want a vet WR to help out.

Hey, head on over to Mocking The Draft because the SB Nation mock draft is moving faster than I anticipated. We’ll probably be picking in a day or two. Right now, with who’s left on the board, I’m looking at Aqib Talib or Felix Jones. But feel free to add your suggestions or try to sway my opinion.

Sometimes you can be too passionate about your football team. Take for instance, this article, where six people ended up stabbed at a birthday party. What were they arguing about that caused the stabbings?

According to police, witnesses said the argument was about the Dallas Cowboys and another team.

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