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Vote for the BTB mock draft pick

OK, suppose that the guy I wanted to draft at #22, Aqib Talib, is no longer available. If you got to Mocking The Draft, you can see how the picks have gone so far. Now, there is one pick not listed yet, the Redskins at #21, and just suppose that Talib may go to them.

Who should our pick be?

I will take your guys votes into serious consideration and well as consultation with Brandon and Tuna Helper.

I can't say what I'll do yet, but I will try to represent us wisely. Also, note that there are no trades in this mock draft, so we'll be picking at #22 and #28. Keep that in mind as you ponder who to pick here and who may be available at #28. I've put up a poll below with the players who I think we could go for. If a player you like isn't on the list, make a case for him in the comments. I'll have to cutoff the voting later tonight because we have to pick by tomorrow morning.

BTW, I'm assuming no Pacman for this draft. Unless that deal actually happens, I'm looking at the roster as it stands.

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