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Dallas Cowboys draft challenge: The Nominees

Here are the final nominees for the biggest steals and worst disappointments in Dallas Cowboys draft history:

Biggest steals:

Roger Staubach, QB; Round 10, 1964
Bob Hayes, WR; Round 7, 1964
Herschel Walker, RB; Round 5, 1985
Rayfield Wright, OT; Round 7, 1967
Chad Hennings, DE; Round 11, 1988

Worst disappointments:
Shante Carver, DE; Round 1 #23, 1994
Danny Noonan, DT; Round 1 #12, 1987
Quincy Carter, QB; Round 2 #53, 2001
David LaFleur, TE; Round 1 #22, 1997
Billy Cannon, LB; Round1 #25, 1984

Narrowing each list down to five proved to be a harder task than I thought it would be. Everyone made some very astute observations and nominated guys who are more than worthy of being a final nominee. I whittled the list down first by excluding the guys that were only nominated once. For the biggest draft steals, I made the executive decision that it had to be a latter round pick. When a team drafts a player in the first or second round it is expected that he will become a valued contributor to the team. I used the opposite to pick the nominees for worst disappointments; when a player is taken in the first round it becomes a wasted pick if he ends up not doing anything worthwhile in the league.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the NFL draft, Blogging the Boys will present a short profile on each player above. As we prepare ourselves for the excitement of draft weekend the BTB community will vote on who is the outright best and worst draft pick in the history of the Dallas Cowboys.

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