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Dallas Cowboys rookie mini-camp starts today

The Cowboys' rookie mini-camp starts today, and the Cowboys have added two more UDFA's to the list of players joining the team. The camp is made up of draft picks, rookie free agents and one-year veterans who have not seen any time on the active roster. I can only imagine how crazy everything must seem to the rookies who went through the draft last weekend only to be whisked away to Valley Ranch for their first practices not five days later.

Felix Jones visited the Cowboys' facilities just a few weeks ago and left with the hope that he would be returning soon.

Jones, who was one of several rookies to previously visit the Cowboys either through the Dallas Day workout or the national prospect visits, said he envisioned himself returning to Valley Ranch once he left just two weeks ago.

"Yeah, I told my family when I left that I wanted to get back here and this is where I wanted to play," Jones said. "Just to be back here playing for the Cowboys is an honor - it's a dream come true. I'm just trying to take it all in. I'm just ready to play now."

The final list of players attending camp shapes up like this:

RB Felix Jones - Arkansas
CB Mike Jenkins - South Florida
TE Martellus Bennett - Texas A&M
RB Tashard Choice - Georgia Tech
CB Orlando Scandrick - Boise State
OLB Erik Walden - Middle Tenn. State
WR Danny Amendola - Texas Tech
TE Drew Atchison - William & Mary
WR Mark Bradford - Stanford
T Andrew Brecher - Harvard
FB Julius Crosslin - Oklahoma State
S Dowayne Davis - Syracuse
DE Marcus Dixon - Hampton
T Brandon Hale - Sam Houston State
LB Alain Karatepeyan - Tulsa
RB Keon Lattimore - Maryland
P Jay Ottovegio - Stanford
WR Daniel Polk - Midwestern State
DE Darrell Robertson - Georgia Tech
WR Joe West – UTEP
QB Richard Bartel
RB Alonzo Coleman
WR Mike Jefferson
TE Rodney Hannah
DE Marcus Smith
LB Tearrius George
CB Justin Phinisee

The Cowboys also invited Princeton QB Jeff Terrell to work out for the team during camp.


Jay Novacek (Wyoming) and Troy Aikman (UCLA) were elected to the College Football Hall of Fame on Thursday.


Roy Williams was on Michael Irvin's radio show today and although I wasn't able to listen to it, Tim MacMahon over at the DMN blog was able to cite the finer points of the interview.

Dallas Cowboys fans have been asking themselves what happened to the Roy Williams we knew and loved his first few seasons in the NFL. A hard hitting, game changing all-pro has been replaced with a defensive liability who makes a tackle for loss about as often as a lunar eclipse. One theory for Roy's drop off of vicious hits is due to his new dedication to his faith and his church. Well, he all but confirmed that today.

"People will say Roy is really not making any big hits. Ever since I rededicated my life to God, OK, I haven't been making the big hits, but we got further than we ever did when I was living of the world. When I rededicated my life, you know what I'm saying, God showed me that you don't have to live of the world and I will bless you. He has basically overflown my cup. He has shown me so much.

"Please believe the hits will come as we get more comfortable with my defense, with the 3-4 and coach Phillips' way that he wants us to play. Please believe the hits will come. I mean, I'm going to have to get comfortable in this defense."

I can't find fault in someone devoting themselves to their religion in an effort to better themselves and the world around them. Everyone knows that Roy is one of the most prominent charity workers in the NFL. Unfortunately, when a strong safety loses his tenacity and willingness to dole out punishing hits he loses he effectiveness at the position. Another facet of Roy's game that is under even more scrutiny is his inability to cover the pass. Well, he knows that's a problem of his.

"I will admit that at times, when I had one-on-one situations and you're head up on a tight end or a receiver that can go left or right, it's tough," he said. "I mean, it's just tough. Sometimes you just hope they don't throw the ball your way, because sometimes you're like, if they go inside, you don't have any help; if they go outside, you don't have any help.

"That's why corners get paid the big bucks."

Well Roy, this year is your last chance to try and find that spark that you had your first few years in the league.

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