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Dallas Cowboys headlines


Tom Orsborn also believes that T.O. appears to be a changed man in this article. He includes some Q&A with continued discussion over Roy Williams’ role in Dallas.

Speaking of Roy, Greg Ellis wanted to clarify his feelings about Roy

"I want everybody to understand how I feel about Roy," Ellis said. "Roy is my personal friend of mine -- not just a teammate, but I view him as a friend. So if anything ever gets twisted or distorted in any way, you're hearing it live, whoever is listening right now, from my mouth - Greg Ellis' mouth - that Roy is my friend, a guy I could honestly say that I love. I would never, ever say anything intentionally bad about Roy."


It looks like Spygate will not go any further if Roger Goodell has his way.


As noted by BTB-regular HutHut in this FanPost, our old friend Troy Hambrick just got sentenced to five years for selling rock. 


Over at Deadspin, they have a post from sportswriter Mike Fisher detailing his very rocky relationship with Charles Haley.

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