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Cowboys Quotes


Patrick Crayton on Tony Romo's singing:

"That's the first time you got to hear Romo sing," Crayton said. “We get to hear it daily, and it's like horrible. It is bad. He finally got a replay back of it, and he finally admitted it. I'm like, 'Dude, I've been hearing it for four years. You're just now admitting that?'"

Zach Thomas on leadership:

"Leadership is shown by actions," Thomas said. "If you're making plays and doing everything the right way - doing what they're telling you to do in the weight room, showing up for everything, being consistent and being accountable - that's leadership. It's not giving a great pep talk. If you give a great pep talk and do all the right things and don't play well, there really isn't much leadership there. My leadership is coming in and playing well and getting the respect of my teammates."

Brian Stewart on the meeting with Roy Williams:

"I think all three of us left that meeting feeling comfortable that we've got an open line of communication," Stewart said. "Everyone knows where everyone stands. The past was the past, and now we've got a chance to move forward."

Jerry Jones on Marion Barber and Ken Hamlin:

"We've had visits and talked with them and their representatives," Jones said. "If their contracts were done, then I would expect them to be part of OTAs and minicamps. ... We expect to [make deals], and I think we'll do that certainly within the time frame that's good for everybody."

 Julius Jones' new position coach on his time in Dallas:

“I think playing for Bill Parcells in Dallas really helped bring out the best in Julius and he’ll tell you that,” Ruskell said. “That’s what he talked about with us when we brought him in as a free agent.

“Julius ran really hard and took advantage of what that line was trying to do in Dallas. With what we’re trying to do in changing our running game, I think that fits.”

Ken Hamlin's interview on Sirius radio.

Hat tip to DCFanatic for the Hamlin interview.

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