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Dallas Cowboys Roundup: Super Additions = Super Bowl

I’d be happy with a playoff win this year but my team doesn’t just play for playoff wins. We play for Super Bowls.’s John Czarnecki lists five teams he believes could compete for a championship and guess who made the cut? That’s right! The Dallas Cowboys. Key graphs.

Dallas simply ran out of gas and defensive backs last season when the Giants upset them in the playoffs. That shouldn't happen this year because the Cowboys are loaded at cornerback if Pacman Jones is reinstated (and continues to behave himself), plus if rookies Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick continue to improve. Scandrick, a fifth-round pick from Boise State, out-played Jenkins in a recent mini-camp. Starters Anthony Henry and Terence Newman return. Granted, the Cowboys have to figure out how to handle safety Roy Williams, who remains a major liability in pass coverage. If Wade Phillips can figure out how to use Williams properly, the defense should be prepared for all those three and four receiver sets that worked so successfully against it last season.

The Cowboys remain solid on offense as long as Tony Romo keeps improving. Jason Garrett knows how to keep Terrell Owens motivated and tight end Jason Witten is a rising star. And don't worry about the loss of Julius Jones in free agency because rookies Felix Jones and Tashard Choice, who rushed for over 2,800 yards at Georgia Tech, give Garrett two options next to bruiser Marion Barber. Granted, the NFC East could be football's toughest division this season, but the Cowboys caught a schedule break by catching the NFC West and the AFC North this season.

Of course I agree with Czarnecki about the Cowboys but the list is kind of dubious. He also cites the Vikings, the Panthers and the Browns as teams that could end up in the Super Bowl this year. Yikes. Don’t know about the Vikings or the Browns. The Vikings have QB problems and the Browns are in a tough division. The Panthers always seems to be on lists like these but it never seems to materialize. I think the ‘Boys are really the only team ready to challenge for a ring on this list. Just my unbiased opinion.


Tony Romo and Patrick Crayton look back at the playoff loss to the Giants. They come to two conclusions: that sucked and we can learn from it.


Drew Pearson and Tony Casillas are being inducted into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Congrats guys.


What’s that old school classic by The Stylistics? "Break Up to Make Up" is the song I'm thinking about. Is this the nature of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson’s relationship? As the song says, "break to make up/ that’s all we do/ that’s all we do/ first you love me/then you hate me/ that’s a game for fools."

Romo was heard saying "Me and Jessica are done" in Chicago. Then Team Jessica responded quickly to stamp out that rumor. Romo has reiterated that he doesn’t want to talk about it. So that’s where we are: the adamant denial of a rumor but Team Jess while Romo stays quiet.

Wow. Too much tabloid junk for me to handle. I need a shower.


ESPN has a pretty good Q&A with T.O.

Sam Alipour had an interesting 10-minute phone conversation with Owens. The highlights of the conversation are: his thoughts on Simpson writing a song about Romo on her new album, Flavor Flav being a huge Cowboy and T.O. fan and what his gift would be if and when Romo and Simpson decide to get married.

Pretty hilarious.

Hat tip to jsams for his FanShot here.

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