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Where in the world is MB3?


The answer is that MB3 is working out in Miami. Nick Eatman has a very good article looking at the situation involving Marion Barber and to a lesser extent Ken Hamlin. Both players have yet to sign the tenders and the thought is that their agents and the Cowboys are trying to hammer out long-term deals. Eatman wonders why they can’t be at Valley Ranch anyway seeing as how both will be playing for the Cowboys this year. They have until June 1st to sign their current tenders and after that point the Cowboys can actually lower them. I wouldn’t expect any shenanigans like that occurring but the underlying point of them not being at the Ranch is valid. Surely Felix Jones and Tashard Choice could benefit from MB3’s presence even though he’s one of the quietest Cowboys on the team. They could watch his work ethic and follow his examples in their first steps towards having an NFL career. On the other hand, Hamlin is considered one of the vocal leaders on the defense and could definitely be helping guys like Jenkins and Scandrick get acquainted with the Cowboys secondary. It’s not that unusual for players who have yet to be signed to work out elsewhere during the offseason, sometimes even players who are signed don’t make regular trips to the facilities during this period. But it sure would be nice if MB3 and Hamlin were there. Chris Canty, another player who still hasn’t signed his tender, has been present at all Valley Ranch functions.

MB3’s situation is getting tricky considering the initial reports about the money he’s asking for – LT-type money. The Cowboys are not going to go down that road and may be taking a page out the Romo playbook by waiting to see how MB3 performs this year as the undisputed starter. If the Barbarian proves to be a feature back that can be counted on to carry the load, they might be willing to give him a fairly sizable contract thought I doubt they are going to break the bank the way Drew Rosenhaus would like them to do. But at least the Cowboys have some insurance by drafting El Gato and Taster’s Choice, but those two have to prove it on the field before they can turn into real leverage in the MB3 negotiations.

The Cowboys also are bring in Ray-Ray’s little bro, Keon Lattimore. Being an ACC guy I watched Lattimore play on a few different occasions and thought he was an OK back. When he told his older brother Ray Lewis that he had signed an UDFA contract with the Cowboys, Ray broke down and cried. 

"When he called me and said, 'Bro, I'm a Cowboy,' the tears came easy," Lewis said. "I love him like a brother, but I've always looked at him like my child, too. When your child accomplishes something like that and you know you had a major part in it, it's an amazing feeling.

"The emotions I felt that day were overwhelming."


Zach Thomas fells like he’s ready to go and that the injuries are not going to bother him this season.

"When I see my game decline or I'm at risk health-wise, I'll shut it down. There are guys that can't turn the page. I'm not one of those guys. I know I still have game."


I’ve tried to stay away from Romo’s romantic life but I had to pass along this zinger in the San Jose Mercury News. 

Jessica and Tony: Well, are they or aren't they?

It's The Great Debate: Are Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson done? "Extra" and "Access Hollywood" say no. and the Dallas Morning News say yes. And the Cowboys are just thankful to have the calm, stabilizing influence of Terrell Owens and maybe Pacman Jones.

Nice. BTW, if you’re interested, here’s a pic of the supposed new-woman Romo’s pursuing. Gee, you think Romo might have "a type?"

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