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Roy Williams, Tashard Choice and Super Bowl XII


Sorry for the slow posting lately, but other projects and life intervened. Brandon should be back in action early this week and Tuna Helper may jump back in the fray soon.

Anyway, here’s some stuff for today.

Randy Galloway ponders on the Roy Williams situation. We’ll see what happens there, but Bigrigga31’s poll about Roy Williams is a classic. Out of 534 votes on the question of - Have you ever said aloud, "Roy Williams is my favorite player"? – 266 said yes and 268 said no. That’s as close as it gets. Good poll.

Star_medium has an article on Tashard Choice, although it’s pretty much the same article that we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks. Like this one.


Want to relive some history? Check this Sports Illustrated article from January 23rd, 1978. Right after the Cowboys whooped the Broncos in Super Bowl XII. It’s a long, detailed article and may help you pass away the offseason blues.

As Super Bowls go, the one played indoors last Sunday in New Orleans was way up there for mosts—it had the most fumbles, the most hitting, the most noise, the most penalties, the most tricky plays, and no doubt the most Xs and Os stamped on a coach's forehead, as Dallas' Tom Landry nailed Denver's Red Miller to a blackboard and left him there. And when last seen, the Cowboys' two biggest heroes, Randy White and Harvey Martin, were still lecturing the State of Colorado on the mysteries of the flex defense. As a final gesture of victory, another Cowboy star, Linebacker Tom Henderson, went prancing down the field as the last seconds flashed off and jumped up and stuffed a football over the crossbar. Maybe he thought it was Craig Morton's right arm.


Someone needs to help me out with this article. It’s from a West Virginia paper and tries to differentiate Chris Henry from Pacman Jones. The thesis seems to be that Pacman is cocky and arrogant so if his career is over, good riddance. But Henry is just a confused kid who should be forgiven or it would be sad. Yet the article fails miserably to make the differentiation. Or maybe I’m just not seeing the author’s point.


From earlier this week, another article on Felix Jones vs. Rashard Mendenhall.  My own effort, here.


Bill Parcells and Ricky Williams, best buds?


Is it too early to be thinking about our first opponent? If not, then note that Ryan Tucker, a Browns lineman, fractured his hip and will miss two months but is expected to be ready for the opener against Dallas.  

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