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Pacman Jones surfaces in Dallas


There’s been a Pacman sighting. Yup, Jason Witten held a charity bowling event and the Pac was in the house. The big news, according to Jones, is that he and his his agent will talk to Roger Goodell about working out with the team.

Jones said he and his agent, Manny Arora, will call NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and ask for permission to join the team's player program with consultant Calvin Hill, begin working out with the team and participate in organized team activities (OTAs), which begin Tuesday morning.

Do the right thing Roger and let him workout. At some point, you should let Pacman know his future. If you’re going to let him play this year, the best possibility for success on all sides is if Pacman is talking to Calvin Hill and working out with his team. You’ve suspended him for a year, if you’re going to extend it into another season, let that be known. If you’re going to let him back in for the start of this season, go ahead and begin the process.

Goodell has definitely made his point, and I’m not arguing the merits of whether Pacman Jones should be playing in the NFL. What I'm saying is that Goodell has surely made up his mind about whether Pacman will be eligible for the start of the season, barring anything new. So if he’s going to be in the league, let him get into a structured situation and let him start the process of changing his life. Maybe Goodell’s point is to see if Pacman can do it on his own before he gives him the chance to join his new team. Fair enough, but if the ultimate goal is a reformed Pacman, then let him start living the life he has to reform. And that will be as a football player in the NFL unless Goodell has other plans in mind.

Hopefully Pacman actually believes what he’s saying here:

"I'm on my last straw, plain and simple," Jones said. "If I mess up, it is what it is. I know that. The group of people around me knows that. Jerry [Jones] knows that, and I looked him in his eyes and told him I won't let him down, and that's the main reason I think I'm here."


Last week I was writing about the Cowboys going Hollywood. T.O. on a sitcom, Tony Romo gets the Hollywood treatment in the press, and Hard Knocks is moving in for a month. Not to be outdone, Jason Witten is trying to cook up his own reality show.

But in reality, the working title for a new television show scheduled to be filmed in Dallas is "Cooking with the All Pros." Here's the recipe: Grab some Dallas Cowboys. Toss in some contestants. Place them before television cameras and let them cook.

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has tentatively agreed to approach teammates and former Cowboys standouts to appear on the new reality TV show, which will pair fans with players, and pit them against each other in cooking competitions, according to those involved in planning the show.

The show isn’t a sure thing yet, but Witten isn’t doing this for Hollywood, instead, he’s doing it for a charity. I can see Deon Anderson cooking up some chocolate-covered crickets. Roy Williams will collar-up some horse meat and will also do a breakfast segment with biscuits and toast. Patrick Crayton will pitch in a serving of humble pie. T.O. with 50-ways to serve popcorn and a bonus segment on Filet of Tuna. Leonard Davis will just eat a McDonalds in its entirety, and while that’s amazing, it’s not really going to be a popular recipe for the TV audience.


JJT in the Sporting News. 

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