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Getting to Know You: Pacman tries to fit in with Dallas Cowboys

Seems like Pacman is getting to know his new teammates. He moved to Dallas, bowled in Score’s Foundation All-Star Bowl which was hosted by Jason Witten and was seen hanging out with Tank Johnson. Grizz argues what Goddell's appropriate response to Pacman should be. I totally agree.

While Goddell's decision looms large, it's nice to see a player like Witten express his opinion. Witten is guy who commands attention from the media and teammates. He’s a Pro-Bowler and a stand-up guy and he seems to think the Pacman Experiment might work out.

"I think what you worry about is that you don't want things to add up, and more guys to get involved," Witten said. "Jerry's been in these situations plenty of times and as players we have to trust him and how he's going to regulate it. You look at Tank and Tank's one of the best teammates we have.

"I'm not trying to compare situations. But I hope that he understands it and it seems like he's learned from what happened and he's ready to move on with his life."

Jones is going to need advice from T.O. and Tank on how to deal with the media, coaches and Gestapo Goddell. He’s reinstatement is not a given but I would argue it’s a necessity for us to have the type of season that ends in tears of joy and not tears of parody.


Why is Isaiah Stanback such an enigma? I would say he's an enigma because we've barely seen him. He only appeared in a few games and it wasn't extensively. But the coaches continue to rave about him. He's also a former quarterback so there's some curiousity about how he'll respond to this new position. Will he develop into a bigger and quicker Patrick Crayton or will he become another Woody Dantzler, an exciting athlete who never seems to find his niche on our team? Hopefully we'll get some answers to these questions this year.

An interesting sidenote, here's a link to Stanback's Myspace page. 

John Clayton has a list of the top players over 30 to watch this season. T.O. checks in on the list at No. 3.

T.O. has become more of a teammate in Dallas, but he's in a contract year. His three-year, $25 million deal expires at the end of the season but he's not threatening to hold out or be a problem. With Terry Glenn being a 50/50 bet to be a factor this season, Owens can't let his play drop because of age. He turns 35 in December but takes great care of his body and his mind seems right. Still, Tony Romo has one of the thinnest wide receiver groups in football behind Owens if Glenn isn't back. The team counts on T.O.'s 81 catches for 1,355 yards and 15 touchdowns.

T.O. thinks Donovan McNabb would make a better actor than Tony Romo because he has a "great personality and is fun to be around on and off the field."

I believe so too. He’s always acting like he’s not fat, acting like he doesn't get sick all the time and acting like he’s mobile and fast enough to maneuver past defenders when it’s really all those illegal chopblocks he gets from his mother.

We've seen McNabb try to act before. All due respect T.O. but I'll pass.

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