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Patrick Crayton loves to talk


Patrick Crayton is talking.  He’s answering questions about his big drop in the playoff game last year among other things.

"I relive the drop a lot. Every day," Crayton said. "It's just one of those things that you just hope history doesn't repeat itself. But I think about it a lot."

We think about it a lot, too.

He’s also gotten a ton of criticism for supposedly “quitting” on the third down pass at the end of the game in the endzone. I never agreed with that, watching the play it looked to me like they we’re adjusting the route mid-play and couldn’t connect.

Crayton says that is what happened.

He also said the third-down pass from Romo on the final drive in which it appeared he slowed up on a ball that went over his head in the end zone isn't one that bothers him too much.

"That wasn't me stopping on the route," Crayton said. "We're changing (the play) on the fly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's just one of those things that didn't work. That wasn't that big a deal."

You were all right until you said it was not that big of a deal. It was a big deal, maybe you didn’t quit on the play, but it was a big deal.

Then Crayton’s got to go all Roy Williams on us by taking a shot at the fans.

"I think criticism is going to come with the game," said Crayton, who replaced Terry Glenn as the No. 2 receiver and finished the year with 50 catches for 697 yards and seven touchdowns - all career highs. "I love it because it really lets you know what some people think about you. If there were people that were really fans throughout the whole season, and I drop a pass and all of a sudden I'm their worst enemy, then you know they're just fair-weather fans. I just take that as motivation. It really just opened my eyes that this thing really is a business."

These guys will never learn.

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