Keeping Players in a Quality Organization

The signings of Newman and MB3 today made me ponder about the quality of the Cowboys' ownership and other sports owners.  I came away thinking about how much credit is due to the Jones ownership and what they have done.

Don't get me wrong.  This is not intended as a Parcells bashing session.  This is a post about what Jones and co have done lately from a football and non-football standpoint.  Since Jerry bought the team, he's won 3 Super Bowls under controversial circumstances.  He forced out Jimmy Johnson in one of the greatest "what if" moments in the NFL (as in, what if the Cowboys dynasty stayed fully intact).  He's made numerous, well-documented mistakes.  But he has done one thing extremely well, especially of late:  spent money on good players. 

Maybe my memory is bad, but I feel like the Joneses do a remarkably good job of keeping good players and treating them well.  Players get rewarded for playing well here.  There doesn't seem to be any acrimony between players and the team.  Philly and Rosenhaus couldn't get along, but it seems win-win for Rosenhaus and Jones.  They have certainly given out bad contracts, but lately they seem like fair deals for quality players.  The Cowboys have even turned some malcontents around as of late, though Pacman is surely a big test.

It is amazing to me that Dallas was able to sign MB3 and Newman, and it made me think about the players they've been able to retain over the years.  I'm a fan of teams in other sports (Braves and Capitals, specifically), and those teams have tormented me with the players they've let get away over the years, for financial reasons or just not seeing the talent.  I'm sure that's the case for many of you no matter who you root for.  I am trying to think of great players the Cowboys have let go of too soon, and it's very difficult.  Draft misses are a different story, so let's leave those out

I want you guys to help me out.  Let me know which players have haunted you as former Cowboys.  .  All I can come up with is Jimmy Smith, and to a lesser extent Ken Norton Jr.  And I have a pretty good feeling Julius Jones isn't going to end up on that list.

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